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Question: My mom yelled at me over me wanting something to eat at 7pm randomly all I did was ask her was she getting up to warm it up she said yes when I get around there, she starts yelling at me and saying stuff like don't aggravate me again about wanting something to eat this late this caused me to get dizzy and made my head pound she doesn't yell at my brother when he backtalks her but yells at me over me saying something she doesn't like to hear after i told her to stop calling me a nickname that I don't like anymore i told her if she keeps calling me that she doesn't love me she told me if i said it again she'd bust me in my mouth and that morning she said since i feel she doesn't care about me to walk home that day 1 time I stopped the sink up by taking toilet tissue to grab a spider hanging in the bathroom stuffed it in the sinkhole she slapped me on my arm leaving a red mark 1 day I was talking about impregnating and laying down with someone does that mean they love you because i have a deadbeat dad that never did for me she told me to stop talking about it I asked her what was wrong with what I was saying she came in the bathroom in the middle of me washing just to hit me on my arm and thigh[I QUESTION FOR A QUESTIONED HER HERE] 1 time i accidentally dropped a toilet tissue roll in the toilet because my hand got weak and she hit me on the arm with an air freshener can My older half-brother changed a setting on the thermostat causing the air to stop running in the house my mom had to pay for the man to come out to fix it the man told her the setting was changed and she asked my older half-brother about it in my face he lied and she didn't do nothing about it My older half-brother used her shampoo and he question for a question her she said i'm just asking you she asked him did he use it because she know it was getting down low because she wasn't using it he didn't answer the question he said how many shampoos i got? Why would i need to use yours she didn't hit him or do anything about it The other day i asked my mom why doesn't she hit my older half-brother when he lies to her and backtalks her she told me to stay in a child's place mind my business i have a lot of growing up to do he's not that aggravating like i am and for me to stop whining i tell the truth and question for a question her to when i do "wrong" i get hit but when my brother is dead wrong my mom lets him get away all the time i always get hit My mom wants to guilt trip me everytime and ask me do i want to go stay with my sorry deadbeat daddy and that i am trying her and i will get my karma or say she doesn't want to talk about it or how do i not love if i do for you My older half-brother does the same exact thing I do, and she doesn't hit him at all he gets away scot-free everytime I knew my mother would stick to favoritism forever when she asked me how does she punish my brother like what does she mean how does she punish him? The same way she punishes me slapping me on my arm and hitting me on the arm with an air freshener can I feel like my brother is proving that he's the favorite by showing off My mom shouldn't hit me if she doesn't hit my brother when he does wrong Back then i was in denial that my mom hated me and only loved my older half-brother and was showing favoritism we don't even say i love you hug and kiss each other's cheeks like we used to all the time because I now accept my mom is a manipulative dismissive narcissistic mother that shows favoritism and she hates me she doesn't love me My mom has gotten worser and worser throughout the last several months When i turn 18 i need to move out and get my own place asap I plan to block my brother and my mother and go no contact forever since it's nothing that's going to change the past plus they are not going to change what do I do when I need to put someone's name to cosign for a car when I am not going to put my mother or older half-brother's names down? Am I wrong for not showing up to either of their funerals? Anything that happens to me and my mom talking and she's wrong he always jumps in to bully me double teaming i tell her to tell him to stop she allows it takes up for him and says he sees it too What karma do you think my mom is going to get what type of narcissist is this? Could she not punish my brother because they are just alike with lying all the time because she would feel like she's punishing herself? What do I do if her friend that gets me money and gifts for my birthday and christmas ask me why do i not talk to my brother and my mother? My mother's mother makes my aunt which is my mom's twin sister to be the good person that only came to do for her when she was sick when my mom was doing before her and didn't even mention her that was favoritism then I told my mom that her mother doesn't love her if she ignores her telling her she was hurting her feelings and cursing at her and saying she was lying my mom said she loves her she just has her ways does this mean my mom is in denial that her mom doesn't love her? She is the last child like me could this be why she treats me like this? Because of how her mom treats her? Due to my mom still calling me the nickname i told her to stop calling me does this mean anything that would benefit me that i like she will not allow or kill each time? As long as she's happy with it and likes it and it hurts me or i don't like it she will continue to do whatever it is? I wish I had another mother

Asked by dickhard42023

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: Why does my mom show such favoritism towards my older half-brother? What should I do when I need to put someone's name down as a cosigner for a car, if I'm not going to put my mother or older half-brother's names down? What kind of karma do you think my mother will receive for the way she has been treating me? What type of narcissist is my mother? What should I do if her friend who always gives me money and gifts for my birthday and Christmas, asks me why I don't talk to my brother and my mother? Is my mother in denial about her own mother not loving her? What does it mean if my mother still calls me a nickname I asked her to stop using?

Answered by text-davinci-003

Jan. 25, 2023, 6:49 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, January 25, 2023