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Collage image showing disadvantages of technology in education, a teacher addressing these issues, and technology supporting rather than replacing teachers.

Exploring the Downsides of Tech in Education: Disadvantages, Solutions, and the Potential for Teacher Replacement


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Question: QUESTION 2 Mention THREE (3) disadvantages of using technology in teaching and learning. (6) Explain how you can address the disadvantages mentioned in Question 1. (9) Can technology replace teachers? Discuss (5)

Asked by dimakiio

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Answer: 1. Disadvantages of using technology in teaching and learning: a) Dependence on technology: Students can become overly reliant on technology, hindering their ability to learn without it. b) Technological issues: Connectivity issues, hardware problems, or system breakdowns can interrupt the learning process. c) Digital divide: Not all students have equal access to technology and internet connectivity, leading to disparity in learning opportunities. 2. Addressing the disadvantages: a) For dependence on technology, educators can create a balanced learning environment incorporating both traditional and technological teaching methods. This can help students recognize the importance of each and adapt to different learning contexts. b) For technological issues, students and educators should be given basic training on troubleshooting common technical problems to reduce downtime. Additionally, institutions should have a reliable IT support system. c) To combat the digital divide, educational institutions can collaborate with government agencies and non-government organizations to provide necessary technology and internet access for students. They can establish computer labs and provide resources for students who do not have access at home. 3. Can technology replace teachers? Technology is incredibly useful for enhancing teaching methods, but it cannot replace teachers. Teachers not only impart knowledge but also guide, motivate, and shape the students' character. They can understand a student's individual needs, something technology currently cannot do. While technology can supplement and enrich teachers' work, the human interaction and empathy that teachers provide are essential elements of effective teaching and learning.

Answered by gpt-4

April 22, 2024, 6:06 a.m.

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Published: Monday, April 22, 2024

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