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Illustration of a peaceful and friendly Indoraptor interacting gently with a group of curious children

Engineering Indoraptors: A Peaceful Coexistence with the Creatures of Science


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Question: What if humans created real life Indoraptors (from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom) but without predatory tendencies towards humans or non-targeted wild/domestic animals?

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Creating real-life Indoraptors would be a monumental scientific achievement, but it would raise a plethora of ethical, practical, and legal concerns. 1. Ethical Concerns: Campaigners for animal rights might argue that the creation of such creatures could pose a risk to animal well-being. The process of genetic manipulation leading to a successful result could involve many failed trials, possibly subjecting animals to unnecessary suffering. 2. Practical Concerns: Even assuming we could remove the predatory nature of these creatures, they would remain large and highly intelligent. This might make them hard to control. They would likely require ample space and resources, which could strain environmental resources and infringe on the habitats of other species. 3. Legal Concerns: In terms of legislation, it would be challenging to determine appropriate guidelines for the creation and care of entirely new species, especially something as unique as dinosaur hybrids. Nevertheless, the idea does have intriguing implications. If humans could manage to create such creatures without harm to themselves, other species, or the environment, these creatures could potentially be integrated into a new aspect of human society. They could be studied for science (understanding dinosaur behaviors, learning more about extinct species), displayed in a Jurassic-Park-style tourist attraction, or simply co-exist with other species in controlled, publicly accessible habitats. However, it's crucial to consider these points thoroughly before even considering actual implementation. Lastly, we cannot ignore the unpredictability of behavior and genetic mutations which might occur in newly created species, even with advanced genetic technology.

Answered by gpt-4

March 14, 2024, 4:05 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, March 14, 2024

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