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**Dylan's Desperate Duel in Helluva Boss**


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Question: Write a story of Dylan the Dylanus (an original character made by the Deviantart user Dylan613) fighting and attempting to survive an encounter against I.M.P (Immediate Murder Professionals) crewmembers, Blitzo (an imp who is the leader of I.M.P), Moxxie (an imp who is the straight man weapons expert and a husband to Millie), Millie (an imp who is an exciteful powerhouse and a wife to Moxxie), and Loona (the receptionist of I.M.P and the adoptive hellhound daughter of Blitzo), all four of which from the adults cartoon/animated cartoon series Helluva Boss (made by Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano). Dylan attempts to survive I.M.P either by fighting or by escaping (disguising as a demon, trapping I.M.P, talk out to I.M.P crewmembers (about their issues and why they're hunting Dylan), running, or hiding) from I.M.P. For Dylan the Dylanus's normal/mortal appearance, he is a 4.9 foot tall, 15 year old boy who has a lean build for his size, tan skin, medium-length brown hair (that reaches his chin, although not covering his face at all), and has green irises. He wears a dark blue hoodie, a lighter blue t-shirt underneath, and cyan wear jeans. He also has white socks underneath his black tennis shoes, which have an x-shaped gray marking on each of his shoes' tongue. For Dylan's personality, he is a kind, considerate, smart, and understanding character, who is a love interest to Emma (his affectionate and understanding girlfriend) and is playful around his smarter, slightly older brother Black. Despite his small frame and being a teen, he goes in the way to protect his homeland (Dylanusland, a tropical, subtropical, and temperate island country in the Pacific Ocean on Earth) against various villains and monsters (always successful, even if some are more difficult than others). Despite these traits, he does have some flaws, such as his intolerance to swearing (which aren't present in his homeland, and he gets offended by swear words and he never swears at all, not saying them even one time, and not saying even the mildest swear words (he would never say damn, shit, fuck, bitch, or any other bad language); for example, instead of saying "oh, fuck", Dylan says "oh, meatsticks", and instead of saying "shit" Dylan says "crud" (unlike I.M.P crewmembers, who do use swear words, unlike Dylan). He is also quite weak without superpowers (which he actually does not have and only obtains them when using special devices), and has fear of vampires and demons alike since he views them as nothing more than pure evil monsters. For Blitzo's appearance, he is quite tall for his species (being 5.3 feet tall), and sports a harlequin-like aesthetic. He has red skin with white burn marks of various sizes that cover parts of his forearms, chest, and his tail, as well as most of the right side of his face. His irises are red and he has a heart-shaped skull symbol on the center of his forehead. Blitzo has fairly broad forearms and hands, and a long narrow head, out of which extends large, curved, black and white striped horns. He has black spines on his head and upper back, as well as on his tail. His tail ends with a triangular point that has a black spot at the tip. He has pointed feet with boot-like heels which are shown to have black on the heels and toe areas. Blitzo wears a tattered slate gray collared coat with red buttons down the breast, black knee-high boots matching the shape of his feet, and elbow-length black fingerless gloves featuring large, rounded yellow decorations on the upper side of them. In "The Full Moon", the yellow decoration on his left glove is infused with his own Asmodean Crystal. Blitzo also wears a red skull charm around his neck. For Blitzo's personality, he is a bombastic, big-talking, and sardonic imp. He is high energy and career-focused, having recently started his own company, something that's noted to be rare for an imp to achieve. He is very invested in the company's success and willing to make many personal sacrifices to achieve it. However, despite his enthusiasm to break out of the lowly social position his species is assigned in Hell. He is also, in many ways, wildly unprofessional and scattershot in his methods. Despite his status as his company's sole director, he can frequently behave in ways that are immature, self-absorbed, and even disrespectful towards his employees, affecting their level of respect for him. He is also willing to be manipulative in some questionable ways, sleeping with the married Stolas, initially in order to "borrow" his grimoire, the key element allowing him and his employees to fulfil contracts to assassinate people on Earth. Underneath Blitzo's powerful drive to succeed at all costs, however, is an emotionally troubled imp, one who is dealing with the repercussions of a checkered past, that has left many people he once knew, and is implied to have cared for, hurt and actively bitter towards him. Deep down, covered by his bluster, Blitzo is haunted by these ghosts and makes a habit of running from, rather than facing, his current problems in reaction. He struggles with genuine emotional connection, and appears to crave the idealized healthy relationship dynamics of his married employees, Moxxie and Millie, who he regularly spies on while they're in private, as well as the affection of his surly adoptive daughter, Loona. Blitzo is slightly more at home and focused when on the ground on assassination missions, as he is murder-savvy and can be gleefully sadistic with his targets, having minimal restraint in the more brutal killings. When push comes to shove in high danger and combative situations, Blitzo is also fiercely protective of his friends and family. Here are Blitzo's preference (likes and dislikes); he loves/likes murder, blood, pirates (when he was a child), voyeurism (of Moxxie and Millie), babying Loona, horses, drawing, cheese and hot sauce, "Mustang Dong" song, games (including The Pain Games), hanging out with Fizzarolli, trying to reconnect with Barbie Wire (his sister), and pointing out people's flaws. However, he dislikes criticism, anything complicated, being looked down on, Stolas's explicit advances, Stolas' wrath, doing bodyguard work, anyone else having had sex with both Moxxie and Millie, people pronouncing the "o" in his name, his office walls getting destroyed, anyone flirting with Loona, Fizzarolli (Blitzo's childhood friend) living out his childhood dream of becoming a successful circus performer (unlike Blitzo), his twin sister (Barbie Wire) wanting nothing to do with him, and the idea of I.M.P going out of business. For Moxxie's appearance, he is an imp (who is 3.9 feet tall) with red skin and white freckles on his cheeks. His white pointy hair leads up to his curvy black and white striped horns. He also has yellow sclera with black slit pupils. Moxxie has a long red thin tail with a quadrilateral barb at the end, as well as lanky digitigrade legs ending in what appears to be cloven red hooves, reminiscent of artiodactyls. Moxxie's usual outfit consists of a navy-black coat with red buttons and white cuffs, black pants a white shirt that has a black turtleneck, a large red bow-tie, and fingerless gloves. For Moxxie's personality, he is the I.M.P's weapon specialist; and as such, has a vast knowledge of weapons and often brings a variety of them along during jobs. He is often the most vocal and realistic of the employees regarding the company as a whole despite its dysfunctional environment and is bullied consequently. He is also shown to be insured about himself since he’s not physically strong since Striker, Lin and Joe was giving him a hard time since they believe physical strength is what makes a person strong. Moreover, he is an imp who is easily annoyed and rather clumsy, as he trips over their ritualistic book on the way through the portal to the living world. Despite being a murder-for-hire imp, it seems Moxxie is queasy with unnecessary killing beyond their targets. He also is uncomfortable with the idea of killing targets who have families, and attempts to give people second chances, as seen in "Murder Family". Moxxie is also shown to have a comical side, as when he talks about killing an entire family, he claims it might be alright if it was just a shitty dad or a mob family, saying "That's understandable" in an accent. When finding out Blitzo used to date Verosika Mayday, he asked if she had suffered blindness or brain damage, implying that a pop star such as her wouldn't usually date Blitzo unless they had some form of mental disability. When intoxicated, he loses all common sense and becomes quite delusional, as shown when he asks Millie why she has "four heads", and high-fived her instead of grabbing her hand straightaway. He also is shown to become increasingly flirtatious with her when drunk. Here are Moxxie's preference (likes and dislikes); he loves/likes cooking, culinary arts, musical theater, classical music, opera, his mother's kindness, being put in charge of missions, Blitzo's approval as his boss, and supporting fellow artists. However, he dislikes Blitzo prying into his personal life, theme parks, theme park mascots, killing the innocent, pop music, Stolas' wrath, his father's abuse, Loona calling him fat, being the butt of the joke, and Millie stealing his spotlight. For Millie's appearance, she is a short imp (3.9 feet tall like her husband Moxxie) with red skin and a long devilish tail. She has a pair of thin white-striped black horns and short messy, bob cut-styled charcoal hair with bangs that cover half of her right horn. Her eyes have yellow sclera and long, thick eyelashes protruding from them, with a small beauty mark under the right eye. Her head is noticeably more human-like than most imps (although still without a nose) since it has proportions that are noticeably rounder and front teeth which possesses a gap that are flatter than the sharp, conical teeth most demons have. She also has a black heart tattooed on her right shoulder, and makeup which consists of shimmering dark red eyeshadow, thick black mascara, and black lipstick on her lips. She also has two white spots on her upper right arm, one on her upper left leg, two on her tail, and one on the tip of her tail. Millie's attire is all-black with a tint of yellow, which consists of a black choker around her neck, a cold-shoulder black crop-top with the straps being held by two golden-yellow buttons, black fingerless gloves, black torn denim-pants and black toeless footwear, which exposes her hoof-like toes. For Millie's personality, she is a very lively and cheerful individual. Often with a smile on her face and rarely standing still, she is a clear extrovert and is not afraid to speak her mind. This is regardless to whether it's expressing her excitement or flipping off a co-worker. As the bruiser for I.M.P, she is shown to enjoy her job. Her meek exterior appearance belies a tough and very violent skillset. This is highlighted during a conversation Millie once had with her mother and sister. According to Moxxie, she is aggressive in "the sack" as well as her job. In "Murder Family", she appeared to be very unsympathetic about killing a possibly innocent target, only caring if it was what their client wants, showcasing her dedication to her work, and her ruthlessness. Despite this, she cares very much about her husband and her family. She and Moxxie absolutely adore each other, acting very affectionate and protective of one another. She has a childlike fondness of Loo Loo Land, triggered by familial memories of going there as a child, and gets easily excited by all the merchandise. Millie will become vicious and violent whenever someone harms Moxxie, to the point of going feral. Her violent streaks can often result in her getting carried away to the point of mindlessly attacking a perceived target, allowing her rage to override common sense, this is evidenced by her mother’s scolding her for allowing herself to be overcome with rage when she fought Striker. These rage states may leave Millie vulnerable to a more skilled opponent, as showcased by Striker incapacitating Millie in spite of him being ambushed by Millie. Furthermore, she is also shown to be somewhat defensive of her work, expressing annoyance whenever anyone implies that freelance work doesn't pay well. In "Unhappy Campers" it is revealed that she has some issues about how she sees herself, confessing how she sometimes does not feel appreciated enough and how she wants to be seen more than just a "killing machine", stating how it feels nice to feel important and hear the cheers and applause of people every once in a while rather than the occasional screams of agony from her victims. Here are Millie's preference (likes and dislikes); she loves/likes murder, the I.M.P commercial jingle, spending time with Moxxie, going to Loo Loo Land, "Thing?" plushes, the Harvest Moon Festival, going to Ozzie's (a sexually-centered dinner theater restaurant and club located in the Lust Ring of Hell), people praising her, and collecting knives. However, she dislikes anyone insulting/hurting Moxxie, people discrediting her job as a freelancer, humans and their "nasty secrets", the Cherubs' hypocrisy, being banned from The Pain Games, Chazwick Thurman, Moxxie not believing in her, her parents turning a blind eye to her sister's murders, and being hit on.rtists. However, he dislikes Blitzo prying into his personal life, theme parks, theme park mascots, killing the innocent, pop music, Stolas' wrath, his father's abuse, Loona calling him fat, being the butt of the joke, and Millie stealing his spotlight. For Loona's appearance, she is a hellhound (a bipedal canine demon with a humanoid body plan) with a wolf-like appearance. She has a pointed, dog-like muzzle with sharp and pointy teeth, and a dark grey nose. Her eyes have red sclera, white irises and slit-like pupils, and she wears grey eyeshadow and black winged-eyeliner for makeup. Her fur is white with grey countershading encircling her face, grey patches on her shoulders, and long, voluminous silver hair swept to the side to reveal her dark grey ears; the left of which is pierced with two small, black hoop-piercings, while the right is ragged. She has a large, dark grey bushy tail with white on the underside. She also has a piercing on her right eyebrow with a black hoop for jewelry. She is the tallest (6.3 feet tall) and the only non-imp member of I.M.P. Her outfit features a large, spiked black choker around her neck. Her tattered grey, off-the-shoulder crop-top is held up at the neckline by a series of crisscross spaghetti-straps that form an inverted pentagram. She also wears a set of black shorts that are tattered at the hems, with a white crescent moon detail on the right side. Loona also accessorizes with both black fingerless gloves and black thigh-high toeless stockings, with her black claws protruding due to her digitigrade stance. For Loona's personality, she is a cynical and choleric young-adult Hellhound, who was adopted from an orphanage by Blitzo when she was nearing eighteen years of age. Loona is lazy and shows little interest in matters that are going on around her. She also has a short-fuse temper and is often rude and apathetic toward her colleagues, particularly Moxxie, though her ire seems otherwise indiscriminate. When not looking at her phone, Loona is usually scowling at anyone in view. Although, Blitzo has placed her in an active team member role at I.M.P, she is undisciplined and doesn't have much of a work ethic. Among her many anti-social tendencies, Loona has been known to sleep and drink while at work, and hang up on people at her receptionist post. Although, Loona goes to great lengths to maintain an outwardly apathetic attitude, her troubled and isolated upbringing appears to have made her socially awkward and she admits, in a moment of flustered vulnerability upon meeting another Hellhound, that she does not have any friends. When trying to interact with people she does actually want to connect with, she stumbles over her words and worries over her appearance, demonstrating that she has little experience socializing within her peer group. Loona also often shows flashes of a somewhat friendlier attitude towards Blitzo, usually as he enables and defends her worst behaviors. Although she intentionally tries to maintain emotional distance from him, she is also shown to appreciate Blitzo's sense of humor, especially if it's at Moxxie's expense, and she begins to see him as something of a father figure, at one point slipping up and almost referring to him as “dad” - much to Blitzo's delight. Despite how she feels about Blitzo, she acknowledges him trying his best, and knows deep down, as a father, he cares for her. When she can be moved to do so, Loona is a fierce addition to the I.M.P team, as she is intelligent, logical, resourceful, and street smart. Here are Loona's preference (likes and dislikes); she loves/likes hanging out with Blitzo (sometimes), drinking, smoking, her phone, ridiculing Moxxie, reading magazines, sleeping, and hanging out with Vortex (a male hellhound and Loona's boyfriend). However, she dislikes working, Blitzo babying her, being referred to as just I.M.P's hellhound, taking medicinal shots, Beelzebub (a wolf/bee-like demon who is a girlfriend of Vortex and one of the Seven Deadly Sins embodying the sin of Gluttony) and Vortex's relationship, and Beelzebub oversharing her experiences. The story is that Dylan (who is genuinely horrified of demons, since he thinks that demons are nothing more than pure evil monsters) is being hunted down and/or attacked by I.M.P crewmembers, who were sent to hunt down Dylan for their incorrect belief that Dylan's doing anything sinful (which Dylan has never done). So, Dylan hides from I.M.P (temporarily avoiding detection), and is tries to find a way to defeat or escape I.M.P themselves. As an attempt for survival, Dylan disguises himself as a demon to fool I.M.P, but unfortunately this disguise doesn't work against I.M.P, as the I.M.P crewmembers are able to see through the disguise, even if the costume looked convincing or not. As such, Blitzo finds Dylan's camouflage/disguise attempt amusing (especially laughing hard), even taunting Dylan for thinking that he would fool I.M.P. Dylan has already set up trap(s) (pitfalls, giant mousetrap-like contraptions, giant cages, or other traps) before that disguise attempt, but all four I.M.P crewmembers avoided or set the trap(s) without getting caught by the trap(s). Dylan then tries to talk to to Blitzo, Moxxie, Millie, and Loona about I.M.P's personality issues, but sadly, none of the I.M.P crewmembers are upset over that (since it is Dylan, a mortal, talking to I.M.P and not a demon talking to them) and insults Dylan about the Dylan's own problems (including but not limited to his fear of demons and him being offended to swear words) instead, making Dylan cry slightly and more scared. After that, Dylan tries to fight back against I.M.P, but to no avail due to Blitzo's, Moxxie's, Millie's, and Loona's unnatural agility, so Dylan tries to run away, but sadly for him, I.M.P crewmembers are much more agile and faster. To make up for that, and as a final attempt at survival, Dylan tries to hide from any object, but is rediscovered no matter how good the hiding place is, and one of the I.M.P crewmembers finally catches him (making Dylan call out for help, but it's futile) and one of them either claws or impales Dylan (striking Dylan through his flesh and pierce Dylan's heart or other vital organs, causing blood loss, difficulty breathing, and shock, making Dylan gasp out in pain), shoots Dylan in the head or heart with one of I.M.P's own gun, strangles Dylan (including but not limited to fatally twisting Dylan's head, causing Dylan's neck to audibly break/snap and he falls lifeless), or drops Dylan from a dangerously high platform/building (Dylan screams due to falling from more than 40 feet (12 meters) from a high platform/building after one of the I.M.P crewmembers drops him). Dylan sadly does not survive the attack(s) from I.M.P (despite Dylan's best efforts at fighting, hiding, disguising, and escaping) and, after Dylan dies, Dylan does not wake up back in his bed in the mortal realm (Earth) as if it were a dream nor waking up from a hospital bed (also on Earth), but instead he wakes up for real in VivziePop's rendition of Hell (not the mainstream burning pit of suffering as most media show; instead, this is a 2D-animated Hell as depicted in both adult cartoon series, Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss: Hell in these two series is a place/dimension with underworldly wilderness and hellish cities, being populated by immortal imps, hellhounds, sinner demons, fallen angels, and other types of demonic creatures), more specifically, Dylan wakes up in a city called Pentagram City (a city, located in the Pride Ring, that is separated into different sections and with many different places of interest such as casinos, nightclubs, adult film studios, brothels, restaurants, television stations, and hotels, among which is the Hazbin Hotel, and the demons of Pentagram City have their businesses in these places, where they are allowed to sell everything from cigarettes to drugs, however, there are others who resort to the black market, gathering and repurposing the discarded weapons of the Exorcists (a group of angels part of Adam's personal private military force to sent down from Heaven every year in an event known as the Extermination to kill sinner demons to manage Hell's overpopulation) left behind during the cleanse, and there is a Clock Tower located in the city, which serves as a counter for the 365 days that pass until the Exorcists return for the next Extermination, and due to the annual cleanse, there are turf wars to dominate the spaces that were wanted and without owners), confirming that Dylan did not survive and he had indeed been killed by I.M.P (despite not remembering I.M.P ever being involved or related to the death of the mortal Dylan) and respawned as an actual sinner demon of Hell for real rather than being a disguise (arriving in Hell due to being killed by a demon and influenced as a result, even if Dylan did not do anything evil or sinful). Dylan wakes up, not as a real mortal boy, but as an immortal sinner demon (permanently and irreversibly), who is also cartoony like all of Hell and its inhabitants (due to Dylan being in VivziePop's animated rendition of Hell), complete with a thin/lanky body, a taller frame (he now stands about 5.3 feet tall, taller than his previous mortal self, about the same size as both Blitzo and Fizzarolli), demonic eyes (yellow sclera, dark red irises, and black snake-like slit pupils), red skin color instead of normal skin, Dylan's face now having a short reptilian snout with pale blue sharp teeth in it, a forked tongue in his new muzzle, a long devil-like/imp-like prehensile tail (with two black stripes and a black heart-shape pattern on the middle of his tail fork) on Dylan's lower back, Dylan's newly black hair (slightly longer than the hair of his previous mortal self), a pair of upright and curved black-and-white striped horns on top of Dylan's head, four-fingered clawed-fingered hands instead of five-fingered mortal hands, a pair of cloven hoofed feet with two red hooves on each foot, and the demon Dylan does not have a nose nor any visible ears or facial hair; these characteristics make the sinner demon Dylan either almost identical or closely resemble an imp in shape, color, and appearance, despite not actually being an imp (causing the other demons to mistake him for a hellborn imp much to his dismay), unlike Blitzo, Moxxie, Millie, and Fizzarolli (who are imps), since imps were never mortal beings, unlike sinners. Dylan as a demon has a deeper, more raspy voice to match his new lifestyle. Unlike Dylan's previous mortal life, Dylan as a sinner demon not only tolerates vulgarity, sexuality, obscenities, and swearing, he now enjoys them (due to his soul becoming corrupted as a result of him becoming a demon), he even enjoys using profanity himself (completely out of character compared with his previous mortal self), just like many demons, and he now says "fuck", " shit", "bitch", "damn", and many more unlike his previous mortal self. So, Dylan (now a sinner demon) enjoys the rest of his afterlife working in some business in Pentagram City. There should also be quotes from the characters in this story (this story should include the profanity/swear words (including but not limited to fuck, shit, bitch, etc) from Blitzo himself and Loona herself, and, to a lesser extent, Moxxie and Millie) so we know what they're saying and what they're thinking.

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### The Encounter of Dylan the Dylanus and I.M.P #### Prologue: Dylan the Dylanus, a kind-hearted, young defender of Dylanusland, a peaceful island nation in the Pacific, was on his usual patrol. He had heard tales of demons but always thought they belonged to the far reaches of folklore. Little did he know, his latest adventure would thrust him into a terrifying confrontation with real demons. #### Chapter 1: The Hunted Dylan immediately felt a chilling presence that sent an icy shiver through his spine as he made his rounds through the lush forests and tropical beaches. Unknown to him, I.M.P (Immediate Murder Professionals) had been hired under false pretenses to capture and eliminate him. Believing Dylan to be guilty of sins he did not commit, they were relentless in their pursuit. "Let's wrap this up quickly," Blitzo announced to his team, cracking his knuckles. "I want to hit the club later." The team snickered; this seemed like a routine mission. #### Chapter 2: Evading the I.M.P Fear gripped Dylan's heart as he sensed a threat. He sprinted into the dense jungle. The calls of exotic birds and rustling leaves were the only sounds accompanying his rapid footsteps. He glanced back, seeing nothing but feeling everything. As he ventured deeper, he began setting up traps — pitfalls, giant mousetraps, and cages crafted meticulously from his surrounding. Finally, he attempted to disguise himself as a demon, hoping to pass unnoticed. His heart pounded as he clumsily attached faux horns and painted his skin a ghastly shade of red. Dylan's disguise attempt did not go unnoticed. "Oh, meatsticks," he murmured, seeing the I.M.P team in the distance. Blitzo squinted through the dark patches of jungle, spotting Dylan's crude disguise. He burst into laughter, holding his sides. "Are you fucking kidding me? You think you can fool us with that?" Moxxie shook his head, "Dylan, you clearly don’t understand how thorough we are." Dylan barely made sense of their words, his mind racing, he spoke up, "Why are you hunting me? I haven't done anything wrong!" Blitzo sneered, "That's the thing about us demons, kiddo. We don’t care about innocence." He moved closer, still chuckling. "We have a job to do." #### Chapter 3: Traps and Talks With his traps set and disguise failed, Dylan watched in horror as the I.M.P members expertly avoided and disarmed each one. "Crud," he muttered under his breath. Millie beamed as she effortlessly disarmed a giant mousetrap. "Nice try, sweetie. But it’ll take more than that." Dylan felt helpless but decided to talk to them about their issues. "Why do you act like this? If your life has so many problems, why take it out on others?" Loona rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Oh, please. We’re demons; it’s kinda our job. And don’t get all high and mighty on us, kid." Moxxie piped in, "Besides, who are you to judge? Keep your little worldly problems to yourself." Dylan could feel tears well up in his eyes. "But I can’t! I have to protect my homeland... I have to protect my friends!" Blitzo jeered, "Aw, how touching. Go cry me a river, kid." #### Chapter 4: The Inevitability of Fate Desperate, Dylan lunged at Blitzo, attempting to fend him off. But Blitzo sidestepped skillfully, easily avoiding Dylan’s attack. "Pathetic," he growled as he countered with a swift strike. Dylan was knocked to the ground. Dylan tried to run, but no matter how fast he sprinted, he couldn’t outpace their unnatural agility. Millie tackled him to the ground with ease. "Found you, little boy," she said, her eyes gleaming with excitement. Dylan scrambled, seeking a hiding spot. He found a hollow tree and squeezed inside, holding his breath. But it was futile. Within minutes, Loona sniffed him out. "You can’t hide from us." #### Chapter 5: The Final Stand Blitzo, Moxxie, Millie, and Loona cornered the trembling Dylan. Panic ensued, making him call out for help. "Someone! Anyone! Help!" But there was no one around to hear him. Blitzo moved in close, taunting, "No one’s gonna save you now, kid." Moxxie pulled out a sleek revolver, aiming it directly at Dylan's head. "Say goodnight, kid." Dylan's final cry for mercy was muffled by the gunshot that echoed through the forest. His world went dark. #### Epilogue: A New Beginning in Hell Dylan gasped, suddenly awake. He was no longer on Earth, but in the animated chaos of VivziePop’s Hell; more specifically, in Pentagram City. As he looked down at himself, he realized he had changed. Dylan was now an imp-like demon, complete with red skin, claws, cloven hooves, and a devilish tail. Confusion and horror filled his new demon heart. “Fuck... What happened to me?” he muttered, hating how it sounded natural now. He tried to wrap his head around his new surroundings and impending eternity but found solace in his new form, adjusting to his new life and fitting into Hell’s chaotic society. In a twisted turn of fate, what he despised, he had become. #### Character Quotes: **Blitzo:** "Are you fucking kidding me? You think you can fool us with that?" **Moxxie:** "Dylan, you clearly don’t understand how thorough we are." **Dylan:** "Oh, meatsticks. Why are you hunting me? I haven’t done anything wrong!" **Loona:** "Oh, please. We’re demons; it’s kinda our job. And don’t get all high and mighty on us, kid." **Millie:** "Nice try, sweetie. But it’ll take more than that." **Dylan:** "Someone! Anyone! Help!" **Blitzo:** "No one’s gonna save you now, kid." **Moxxie:** "Say goodnight, kid." In this distorted reflection of Dylan's once noble and heroic life, he had to navigate through his newfound demonic existence — blending into the very world he once fought against.

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June 20, 2024, 12:57 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, June 20, 2024

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