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Image: A vibrant and nurturing garden with animals and humans coexisting peacefully, radiating a positive energy and harmony.

Do you want to help me create this world where all beings can live in happiness and peace? Take the first step and join me on my journey! The power of empowering ourselves and our pets

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Question: Built a story brand brand script für my website and business. Take this information: I am an animal wellness and health care coach, teacher and therapist. I educate, teach and coach pet parents on how and what they can do themselves to become more independent of veterinarians and therapists and medicine with side effects and actively support the health of their beloved pets through natural means and without side effects. My approach is that everything begins in the inner world and only then materializes accordingly. Therefore, in the first step, I educate the pet parents that everything has energy, our environment, our home, our food and drink, places, events, and so on. We ourselves also radiate energy, in the form of thoughts, emotions, memories, traumas, beliefs, in the form of our individual charisma for example, and so on. Our pets are much more sensitive than we are and absorb the energy from us and around them, they are like sponges. If we are often and much stressed, tense, sad, worried or depressed, this can have a detrimental effect on our pets in the long run, because they absorb this energy. They may even get sick from it, or our emotional state may worsen their health condition, either physically or mentally. It even happens that our pets develop the same diseases as we do. In the second step I show ways how we can actively influence our energy and charisma in a positive way, how we can carry more love within us, so that our animals live in a healthier energy when they are with us. Love is a powerful and tangible force and it heals! To help the I recommend regular meditations with the pets together, visualization, energetic or thought hygiene, cultivating positive emotions, and teach the pet parents various techniques of energy work. With my methods they can feel good knowing that they have choices and opportunities, that they are doing a lot for a healthy and happy life of their pets, and at the same time for themselves, their families, environment and basically for the world. It's like a mission for which I'm looking for comrades-in-arms, because we start with ourselves, make ourselves healthier, happier, more self-determined people, and carry that vibration to our families and to the world.

Asked by do

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Brand Script: 1. Character (Customer): Pet parents who love their animals deeply and want to take an active role in their pet's welfare, health and happiness. These pet parents are seeking ways to support their pet's health naturally and to reduce the need for veterinarian visits, therapies and medicines that come with side effects. 2. Problem: The pet parents are often faced with the challenge of their pets absorbing their stress, tension, sadness, worries or depression which could lead to a detrimental effect on the pet's health in the long run. They may even see their pets developing similar diseases as they do. These pet parents often feel helpless and guilty, wishing for a solution that empowers them to enhance their pet's health whilst aligning with their wholesome, holistic beliefs. 3. Guide (You): You are an animal health and wellness coach, with expertise in therapies and teaching methods that aid pet parents in taking control of their animal's health. You believe everything begins in the inner world and embodies outwards, which includes the energy our pets absorb from us. 4. Plan: Your plan is to first educate pet parents about everything having energy, from our environment to our individual charisma. Then, you show them ways to positively influence this energy, guiding them to foster more love within themselves for a healthier atmosphere for their pets. You recommend techniques such as regular meditations with pets, visualization, maintaining energetic hygiene, and nurturing positive emotions, making them understand that their pet's health is interconnected with their emotional wellness. 5. Call to Action: Get involved in this mission of love and wellness for your beloved pets. Learn various techniques of energy work and take active responsibility for the health and happiness of your pet. 6. Success: The result is a healthy, happy life for their pets and a sense of empowerment for pet parents. They become more self-determined, fostering positive effects not only on their pets but also on themselves and their environment. Their pets live in a healthier aura and they enjoy a better bond with their pets. 7. Transformation: With your program, pet parents transform from feeling helpless and guilty about their pets' health issues to being proactive and confident caretakers, contributing positively to their pets' wellbeing and overall happiness. They go from being just pet owners to being animal wellness advocates, spreading this positive ripple effect to the world around them.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 16, 2023, 6:58 a.m.

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Published: Monday, October 16, 2023

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