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Question: Discuss and outline the Historical skills learners need to acquire in order to promote Historical Understanding. Including APA 7 referencing style.

Asked by Noxolo

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Historical understanding requires a set of skills that allow learners to analyze and interpret historical events and trends. Here are some of the key skills that learners need to acquire: 1. Critical Thinking: This includes being able to evaluate evidence, differentiate between fact and opinion, and question the validity and reliability of sources (Schmocker, 2018). 2. Chronological Reasoning: Learners must understand the sequence of events and the interconnections between them. This includes identifying cause and effect relationships, comprehending the impact of a change over time or continuity, and being able to place historic events within a larger framework of history (Seixas, Morton, Colyer, & Fornazzari, 2013). 3. Historical Interpretation: This skill involves the ability to interpret historical accounts and materials, differentiate perspectives, and make educated judgments about credibility and relevance (Van Drie & Van Boxtel, 2008). 4. Research Skills: This involves identifying, finding, and collecting historical data. Learners should be able to navigate archives, libraries, and digital databases competently. 5. Communication: Learners should be able to express historical understanding clearly in written, oral, and multi-media formats (Seixas et al., 2013). 6. Historical Empathy: Understanding historical context and perspectives to explain how people in the past understood their world (VanSledright, 2001). References: Schmoker, M. (2018). Developing critical thinkers. Educational Leadership, 75(7), 16-21. Seixas, P., Morton, T., Colyer, C., & Fornazzari, S. (2013). The big six: Historical thinking concepts. Toronto: Nelson Education Ltd. Van Drie, J., & Van Boxtel, C. (2008). Historical reasoning: Towards a framework for analyzing students' reasoning about the past. Educational Psychology Review, 20(2), 87-110. VanSledright, B. (2001). From empathetic regard to self-understanding: Imagination in the historical context. Theory and Research in Social Education, 29(3), 320-334.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 9, 2023, 1:15 p.m.

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Published: Saturday, September 9, 2023

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