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Digital illustration showcasing a textbook with a torn cover, representing the disadvantage of curriculum change from NCS to CAPS using APA 7 referencing style

Ask AI: Disadvantage of curriculum change from NCS to CAPS using APA 7 referencing style


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Question: Disadvantage of curriculum change from NCS to CAPS using APA 7 referencing style

Asked by Noxolo

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Changing the curriculum from National Curriculum Statement (NCS) to Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) comes with several disadvantages. Keep in mind that these points can vary depending on the subjects taught and the individual context of each school. 1. Resistance from staff: Educators might resist the change as it often requires additional training to understand, implement and adjust the teaching methods used (Van Der Horst & McDonald, 1997). 2. Increased workloads: Teachers may have to adopt new materials, methods and assessments, leading to increased workloads, potentially leading to stress and burnouts (Hoadley, 2010). 3. Impact on learners: Curriculum changes can be confusing and challenging for learners, especially those in crucial stages of their education (Jansen, 1998). 4. Resources: Schools may need to purchase new textbooks and other teaching materials to suit the new curriculum, which can strain their budgets (Mahlo, 2011). 5. Time-Consuming: Revising the curriculum can take a substantial amount of time and can disrupt the learning process (Cross & Harding, 2009). References Cross, M., & Harding, A. (2009). "Policy options for education in South Africa: A theoretical guide to educational change." _Education As Change_, 13(1), 3-12. Hoadley, U. (2010). "What do we know about teaching and learning in South African primary schools?" _Education As Change_, 14(2), 169-202. Jansen, J. D. (1998). "Curriculum reform in South Africa: A critical analysis of outcomes-based education." _Cambridge Journal of Education_, 28(3), 321-331. Mahlo, S. D. (2011). "Experiences of teachers in the implementation of the curriculum assessment policy statements." _Journal of Human Ecology_, 36(2), 105-111. Van Der Horst, H., & McDonald, R. (1997). _Outcomes-based education: Theory and practice._ Tee Vee, South Africa: Kagiso Tertiary.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 21, 2023, 4:31 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, September 21, 2023

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