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Handwritten letter on festive stationery addressed to Carter, exclaiming how terrific he is for sharing, working hard in school, having a contagious smile, and being abundantly kind. It mentions his siblings Noah, Ella, and Ellie Mae and expresses Santa's admiration for their family's generosity and love.

Dear Carter, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! I am so proud of you for being such a kind and caring person. You work so hard in school and have always been such a good sport. I am glad y

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Question: Write me a Santa letter to Carter 8 yr old boy who shares well with others, works hard in school, has the best smile and is a kind person has 3 siblings Noah, Ella, and Ellie Mae

Asked by BevMcLendon

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Dear Carter, Ho! Ho! Ho! Seasons greetings to you from the frosty North Pole! I am writing you this letter from my snowy workshop, surrounded by busy elves who are eager to prepare for Christmas. My trusty reindeer Rudolph wanted to say hello to you, he's busy getting ready for our long journey later this month too! I have been told by my elves (who keep a lookout all year round), what a wonderful young man you have been this year. They have been keeping a close eye on you and they've noticed just how well you share. A very important quality, indeed! I am so proud of you, Carter. Your older brother Noah, younger sister Ella and the youngest cutie, Ellie Mae, are very lucky to have a kind and generous brother like you. Kindness is one thing that cannot be boxed or gift-wrapped but Carter, you show it with your best smile and through your actions every day. As jolly as I am, your beautiful smile could possibly outshine Rudolph's shiny nose! And here's a big Ho! Ho! Ho! for all the hard work you're doing at school. It's not easy to focus, learn and do well in every subject, but you're doing it anyway and I'm so very proud of you! Remember, the best gift you can give yourself is a good education, so keep reaching for the stars! I'm currently preparing the sleigh and my bag of presents for all the good kids out there. Your sweet behavior has definitely placed you on the top of my nice list! Continue being you, Carter, because you're doing an exceptional job. Please remember to leave some milk and cookies out for me, and a carrot for Rudolph! He never stops going on about how tasty the carrots are at your house. Have a wonderful and jolly Christmas. Savor every moment with Noah, Ella, and Ellie Mae. I am sure the Christmas tree is sparkling brightly in your home, ready for all the presents. Until then, keep lighting the world with your smile and your huge heart. Merry Christmas, Carter! Jolly regards, Santa Claus

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 21, 2023, 11:12 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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