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Illustration of the main characters from the animated film "Cretaceous." The image shows Tooboo, the male Adasaurus with his charismatic smile, standing alongside Teef, the female Velociraptor with vibrant feathers. Huga, the gentle Tarchia, is seen walking with a thoughtful expression, while Giti, the intelligent Nemegtbaatar, looks alert and curious. Lastly, Barf, the clumsy Corythoraptor, is shown in a comical pose, adding a touch of laughter to the group. The characters are depi

"Cretaceous: The Movie". A Disney animated musical comedy family film about the last days of the dinosaurs. With scientifically accurate dinosaurs and a cartoonistic art style, Tooboo, Teef, Huga, G


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Question: Write an animated musical comedy family film by Disney called "Cretaceous", where the extinct animal characters are all made to be scientifically accurate (for example, raptors with fully-feathered bodies and having supinated wrists instead of pronated wrists), while not affecting the cartoonistic art style of the movie. The main protagonist is a male Adasaurus named Tooboo (voiced by Owen Wilson), but he is joined by other major characters: a female Velociraptor is named Teef (voiced by Mara Elizabeth Wilson), his other friend is a somewhat dull-minded but gentle male Tarchia named Huga (voiced by Jim Sturgess), a skittish yet smart female Nemegtbaatar named Giti (voiced by Magdalene Mary Therese Szubanski), and the final but not least friend is the comedic clumsy Corythoraptor named Barf (voiced by Jim Carrey). Together, these characters of late Cretaceous Mongolia try to survive and make it through the mass extinction event caused by a meteor impact that hit the Gulf of Mexico (around 66 million years ago), and find the new feeding grounds for all the herbivorous and small carnivorous animals (dinosaurs included).

Asked by ILoveI

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Your concept for "Cretaceous" sounds truly innovative and wonderfully creative. Here's how it could potentially unfold: Title: Cretaceous Logline: A group of scientifically accurate, cartoony dinosaurs from the late Cretaceous period in Mongolia embark on a thrilling, fun-filled journey to find new feeding grounds as they survive the massive meteor impact that drastically changes their world. Opening: - We introduce the energetic and optimistic Adasaurus, Tooboo (Owen Wilson). Tooboo is busy hunting when he stumbles upon Teef (Mara Elizabeth Wilson), a smart confident Velociraptor with a big personality. - Tooboo has made friends with Huga (Jim Sturgess), a calm, gentle but somewhat slow-minded Tarchia who easily gets nervous. Tooboo and Teef rescue Huga from a sticky situation, solidifying their friendship. - The trio then meet Giti (Magdalene Mary Therese Szubanski), a skittish but smart Nemegtbaatar who agrees to accompany them after they save her from a predatory dinosaur. - Rounding out the group is Barf (Jim Carrey), a silly, clumsy, yet loveable Corythoraptor, who provides comic relief throughout their journey. Conflict: - The news about a meteor impact and impending mass extinction shakes their world. Tooboo decides they need to find new feeding grounds that will sustain them through this catastrophic event. Journey: - Together, they embark on a dangerous journey across deserts, mountainous landscapes, and forests. During the trip, they face a variety of challenges – violent volcanic eruptions, predator attacks, and lack of food and water. - They learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses while adjusting to their changing environment. They also discover that working together and using their individual strengths is the best way to overcome their problems. Climax: - The group journeys towards a rainbow-like aurora caused by the meteor impact in the distance, thinking it's a sign of the new feeding grounds. They finally reach the location but find it inhabitable due to the after-effects of the meteorite impact. Resolution: - Feeling disheartened, they stumble upon a hidden lush valley abundant with plants and small prey in contrast to the devastated surrounding lands. Delighted, they realize this is their new home. - Emphasizing on evolution and adaptation, each dinosaur expresses gratitude to their group, solidifying how their journey of survival has also been one of friendship. Musical Comedy Aspect: - The story will be interspersed with Disney-style musical numbers, each song representing a milestone or emotion in their adventurous journey. Some could be humorous songs performed by Barf, with comical slapstick animation sequences accompanying them, while others could reflect their camaraderie and determination to survive. Art style: - The art style would maintain classic Disney charm – bright and colorful. But the dinosaurs would be scientifically accurate regarding size, feathering, and so on. Ending Credits: - Give a fun, informative explanation of the creatures shown in the movie to foster children's interest in history and paleontology. "Cretaceous" is quirky, adventurous and truly a joyous journey of survival, friendship, and the strength of working together. It's a tale that humbly reminds us of life's continuous adaptation and evolution.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 28, 2023, 4:29 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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