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Illustration of Matthew at his desk, surrounded by travel brochures and images of Chinese New Year festivities, typing an engaging promotional article for Flight Centre's 2024 Chinese New Year package.

Crafting Wanderlust: Matthew's Journey through the Chinese New Year Package Adventure


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Question: Matthew heads up the marketing department for Flight Centre, a well-known travel agency with branches all across South Africa. Flight Centre specialises in both local and international travel, often putting together specially curated travel packages, which include flights, accommodation and excursions to famous sites. Matthew has been tasked with writing a promotional article for a travel magazine highlighting Flight Centre’s 2024 Chinese New Year package. The purpose of Matthew’s article is not only to promote the travel package, which includes flights, accommodation at a top hotel in Beijing, and three cultural excursions to New Year festivals, but also, to explain what Chinese New Year is, why it is important in Chinese culture and how it is celebrated. By writing a vivid and interesting article, Matthew is hoping he will draw in many prospective customers from across South Africa. 2.1 Identify and explain the form of written communication Matthew is using, in terms of his promotional article. Your answer must draw on information from the scenario

Asked by Luis12

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Matthew is using an informative promotional article as his chosen form of written communication. This form involves using an engaging writing style to both inform and persuade a target audience. By employing this method, Matthew's article is more than just a sales advertisement; it offers educational and cultural information, therefore adding value to his potential customers' reading experience. This strategy incorporates aspects of content marketing where he provides relevant information to consumers and hopes that the provided value will instill a trust that leads to a conversion (the booking of a trip). The strategic aim is to draw in potential customers by providing them with a holistic view of the Chinese New Year package - not just what it consists of physically (flights, accommodations, excursions) but also what it means culturally and emotionally. Thus, this form of written communication is quite engaging as it not only sells a product but also tells a story, educates, and promotes cultural understanding. This approach could ultimately lead to a higher level of customer engagement and increase the chances of them choosing Flight Centre for their travel needs.

Answered by gpt-4

April 11, 2024, 5:51 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, April 11, 2024

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