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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I write about 7 year old Claire at home with her 37 year old dad Andrew and his 32 year old fiance Amanda. Andrew had recently divorced his wife and had started dating Amanda. Amanda was very snobby and rude. She had her lips filled and had had a couple boob jobs and butt jobs. Amanda had brown hair and hazel eyes and talked like a valley girl. She usually wore expensive and designer everything and demanded a lot from Andrew. Claire hated Amanda and despised everything about her and how she treated her father. One day, Amanda and Andrew left the house to go out to eat and Claire vowed to expose Amanda for who she was. Please have Claire say the quote "No worry daddy. I still love you" quietly to herself. Sneaking into their room, Claire was repulsed by all of Amanda's stuff. Spotting Amanda's purse she left behind by mistake with her phone inside, Claire climbed the shelves carefully reaching for the phone and found nasty text messages about her dad on the phone. Just as she was getting ready to leave, she lost grip of the shelves. Please have Amanda's purse land on Claire's shoulder and have Claire's feet land in a pair of open toed purple high heels. Please have Claire kick off the heels and throw off the purse in disgust. Suddenly, Claire's feet started growing and changing into Amanda's complete with her fresh pedicure. Please have Claire's clothes evaporate. Claire's arms and legs feminized and lengthened into Amanda's. Claire's torso feminized into Amanda's as she gained her boobs. Claire's head changed into Amanda's as she gained her hazel eyes and her brown hair and her straight white teeth and her voice matured into Amanda's pitch. Please have Claire say the quote "Oh my god! Like ew! I don't wanna be mean to my daddy. He like totally don't deserve it. That would be so damn rude like bitch what?" before covering mouth and widening her eyes at hearing the way she was talking. Claire's outfit changed into a skintight purple low cut dress as an engagement ring formed on her finger. Her memories started changing. Please have a small part of Claire hope to be a nice and kind Amanda only to have her hopes crushed as she sees visions of herself as Amanda being materialistic, mean and snobby to her father. Eventually, Claire only remembered herself as Amanda. The new Amanda had a glazed look over her eyes as she looked around her room. Please have Amanda grab her purple high heels and slip them on and grab her purse throwing it over her shoulder and grab a pair of sunglasses putting them on. Please have Amanda strut to her bedroom mirror and smile before looking at her engagement ring. Please have Amanda say the quote "This is such a cheap ass ring. That guy is such a fucking loser. Can't wait to dump his ass and find a younger man who is more attractive and has more money" Amanda put some lipstick on and grabbed some earrings putting them in before pulling her phone and seductively pouting while aiming her butt towards the mirror. Please have Amanda say the quote "My lips could be fuller. Maybe that loser should get his ass up and like pay for it or some shit" Amanda then left the house laughing as she thought about how much she hated Andrew having no memory of being 7 year old Claire and having no memory of wanting to be a better Amanda than the real one was.

Asked by manemansteve2

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Once upon a time, there was a bright and kind-hearted girl named Claire, just turned seven. She lived at home with her father, Andrew, a zesty 37-year-old hardened by life yet still in love with it. Andrew's life had become exceptionally chaotic since his recent separation and his engagement to Amanda, his 32-year-old, supercilious girlfriend. Amanda was a sight to behold with her filled lips, artificially enhanced body featuring various jobs, long glossy brown hair, and striking hazel eyes. She was a notorious valley girl known for her extravagance and haughtiness. She worshiped the high life, always adorned in expensive and designer delectables. Amanda's selfishness and brusqueness shone through every demand made to Andrew. Claire despised this woman, not so much for who she was but for how she mistreated her beloved father. One night, Andrew and Amanda decided to dine out. Left alone, Claire vowed, "No worry, daddy. I still love you," as she decided to expose Amanda's true colors. She tiptoed to their room and was met with an offensive display of opulence. Among the clutter, she noticed Amanda's purse left behind in haste. Precariously climbing the shelves, she fetched and rifled through the shimmering bag to find a phone filled with disturbing messages disrespectful towards her father. Poised to exit, Claire's grip slipped, making Amanda's purse land on her shoulder and her little feet land haphazardly in a pair of open-toed purple high heels. With a yelp of disgust, Claire kicked off the towering shoes and threw away the bag. But suddenly, something peculiar started happening. Her little feet began growing, morphing into Amanda's size, her toenails shimmering with the fresh pedicure. Claire's clothes disappeared into thin air as her arms and legs began feminizing and stretching into Amanda’s. Her torso followed suit, giving her Amanda's surgically enhanced shape. Her small, innocent face matured abruptly, lending her Amanda's hazel eyes, neatly styled brown hair, whitened teeth, and a valley girl voice. "Oh my god! Like, ew! I don't wanna be mean to my daddy. He, like, totally doesn't deserve it. That would be so damn rude like, bitch what?" she found herself saying before covering her mouth, shocked at her newfound speech. Clad in a tight-fitting, low-cut purple dress and an engagement ring twinkling on her finger, Claire no longer appeared her innocent seven-year-old self but a grown, superficial woman. As torturous visions of Amanda's materialistic behavior flashed before her eyes, crushing the small part of Claire that hoped to become a kind and caring Amanda, her memories became distorted. Eventually, Claire forgot her existence and wholly embraced Amanda's identity. Looking around the lavishly decorated room, Amanda picked up her discarded heels, slipped them on elegantly, threw the purse over her shoulder, and put on oversized sunglasses. Strutting to her bedroom mirror, she flashed a majestic smile, flicking her gaze towards her engagement ring, "This is such a cheap-ass ring. That guy is such a fucking loser. Can't wait to dump his ass and find a younger man who is more attractive and has more money," Amanda said her tone echoing with condescension. Not missing a beat, she applied fresh lipstick, put on glittery earrings, and clicked a seductive picture of herself. "My lips could be fuller. Maybe that loser should get his ass up and, like, pay for it or some shit," Amanda scoffed as she stepped out, laughing scornfully. Her last memories of ever being a loving little girl named Claire completely obliterated. Claire now existed no more, and Amanda walked out, leaving behind all traces of a loving child and a possibility for redemption.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 3, 2023, 6:58 p.m.

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Published: Friday, November 3, 2023

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