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Christopher goes to Target for the first time and gets mixed up with Jenny, an assistant manager. He goes through different memories and ends up becoming her permanently.

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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 7 year old Christopher shopping at Target alone for the first time with money his 24 year old mom gave him. He was looking for something nice for a girl he had recently asked out in his class and was hoping to find something for her to spend his money on. Christopher found a Target employee and asked her where the flowers were. The female employee smiled and led him to the flower section where he started looking. He was super excited to finally find some flowers for the girl. While looking around, he spotted a name tag on a nearby counter. Grabbing it, he read the name Jenny: Assistant Manager. Looking at the name tag, he suddenly got passed by a customer who asked if he worked at Target. Confused, Christopher said no and kept walking. Out of nowhere, the name tag latched on to his shirt and wouldn't come off. Please have Christopher's clothes evaporate off and have everybody in the surrounding area disappear. Suddenly, the intercom speakers said "Jenny to the front. Jenny to the front" Christopher freaked as he realized he was wearing her name tag and she would probably be mad. Please have Christopher say the quote "I don't work here. I'm just a kid. I hope I don't get in trouble" Suddenly, Christopher's feet started cracking and aging into female feet. His legs and arms lengthened and feminized as his body did too and he grew a pair of boobs. His head changed as he grew long black hair that was thrown in a bun and his teeth became straight and white and his eyes became brown and alluring and his voice matured into a female pitch. His outfit turning into black shoes, jeans and a red Target shirt to complete his uniform. A walkie-talkie forming as well as an earpiece. Seeing his reflection in the mirror startled Christopher. Please have Christopher say the quote "I don't wanna be a girl! I wanna be me. I didn't mean to take the name tag. I'm sorry!" tears in his eyes. Suddenly, he heard "Jenny to the front please. Jenny to the front please" again causing his memories to start changing and altering. An older woman walked up and asked if he worked here causing his memories to completely change making him only remember being Jenny. The new Jenny blinked a few times before gaining her composure. Please have Jenny say the quote "Yes I do. How may I help you hon?" The older woman asked about candles and Jenny said without hesitation where they were. Please have Jenny say the quote "Those are gonna be in our middle section in aisle D4 right side. The small ones are on a special deal if you wanna save $1.40" Jenny then heard herself being paged to the front and started walking up announcing over the Walkie she was on the way. Jenny assisted up front and excused herself to the bathroom. Please have Jenny undo her hair from her bun before adjusting her hair and putting it back up in a bun and studying her eyes in her reflection. Please have Jenny act playful and shoot herself a seductive look and smile before washing her face with some water. Please have Jenny say the quote "I feel off today! Wonder if it's my new position as assistant manager. I know I'm killing it but the pressure must still be getting to me. Oh well, someone's gotta do it and that someone's me" before leaving the bathroom and getting back to work having no memory of being 7 year old Christopher.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, in a bustling Target store, 7-year-old Christopher was on a mission. Given some pocket money by his 24-year-old mom, he was determined to find the perfect gift for a girl he had asked out in class. Excitement bubbling inside him, he approached a female employee and asked, "Can you show me where the flowers are?" The Target employee, sporting a warm smile, led him to a beautiful array of flowers. Christopher's eyes lit up with glee, the vibrant colors reminding him of the girl's laughter. Suddenly, something caught his attention. It was a name tag perched on a counter nearby. Upon reading it, he saw the name, "Jenny: Assistant Manager." Curious about what it'd be like to be a Target team member, he picked up the tag and pinned it onto his shirt. As he was gazing at the tag, a customer zoomed by him, asking, "Do you work here?" Shaking his head in denial, he mumbled, "No, I don't," and kept walking. However, the name tag seemed to stick to his shirt stubbornly. Unknowingly, his day was about to take a bizarre turn. As he was walking, trying to find a way to remove the tag, an announcement echoed through the store's intercom: "Jenny to the front. Jenny to the front." Paranoia took over him, as he imagined a furious Jenny demanding her tag back. "I don't work here," he nervously murmured to himself. "I'm just a kid. I hope I don't get in trouble." Then, an unimaginable transformation unfolded in front of him, turning the child Christopher into Jenny, mirroring the details from her tag. His clothes evaporated and in their stead, a Target team member's uniform clung onto his now feminine body. Even his memories gradually started to alter. "Jenny," an older woman approached him, "Do you work here?" Even before he could process the question, his new memories kicked in, erasing all remnants of Christopher. As he found himself responding to the query as if Jenny had always been part of him, he couldn't help but feel disoriented. "Yes, I do," Jenny confidently said. "How may I help you, hon?" She then gave detailed directions to the candle section, embracing her newly assigned role. Dutifully responding to her summons over the walkie-talkie, she deftly managed the front desk before heading to the restroom. In front of the mirror, she loosened her hair from its bun, restyling it to look more polished. She analyzed her reflection and playfully threw a look of seduction at herself before splashing her face with water. "I feel off today. Wonder if it's my new position as Assistant Manager," she mused. "I know I'm killing it but the pressure must still be getting to me. Oh well, someone's gotta do it, and that someone's me." With an air of newfound confidence, Jenny left the washroom. She had no trace of being the 7-year-old boy who had come into Target earlier that day, aiming to win a girl's heart with flowers. Her world revolved around targets now... Target, the store; her adoring customers, and her brand new job as the Assistant Manager.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 30, 2023, 2:01 a.m.

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Published: Monday, October 30, 2023

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