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Question: Story: Write me a story about 5 year old Carson shopping at Rite Aid alone for the first with money his 21 year old mom gave him. Grabbing the snack he wanted, he paid for it at the register and then left the store. As he walked through the parking lot, he got stopped by 42 year old Mary aka Cheesy. She was a homeless woman who had been since she was a little girl and had become very sensitive but always tried to smile. Her blonde hair in a bun, she wore earrings in her ears. She was also wearing a Under Armour hoodie over a peach tank top, short shorts and pink strap-on sandals with her purse on her shoulder. Walking up to Carson, Mary asked him if he could buy her a drink cause she was trespassed from Rite Aid. Carson said no feeling bad he didn't have any money. Mary smiled tearfully as she hugged Carson. As Carson hugged back, he felt dizzy. Opening his eyes, he realized he was taller. Looking down, he saw the same Under Armour hoodie, short shorts, strap-on sandals and purse on his shoulder the woman was wearing earlier. Pulling up on the hoodie, he saw the tank top underneath. Seeing his reflection in a nearby mirror, he pointed at the mirror and said out loud that ain't me covering his mouth hearing the woman's voice. As he spotted his body walking in the distance, he decided to chase after it assuming it was the woman. As he started walking, he felt awkward and uncomfortable. Looking down at his body, he didn't like the feeling of the purse on his shoulder, the hoodie, the earrings in his ears, the strap-on sandals on his feet or his hair being in a bun. It was too girly and too female for his taste. Carson removed the sandals, the earrings, the purse, the hoodie and the scrunchie in his hair freeing it to feel more comfortable. As he looked around for his body again, he started walking. As he did, he couldn't get over how tall he was and the fact he was a girl. Carson stopped in front of a mirror and once again walked up to his new female reflection saying out loud it's weird sounding like a girl. Catching up to his body, he begged to stop playing pretend to his body. Mary laughed as she refused to swap back telling him to enjoy life as a 42 year old homeless woman. Carson started crying as his innocent 5 year old memories changed, altered and matured until he only remembered being Mary. The new Mary grabbed her head in pain cussing out loud as she stumbled gently onto the ground. As she sat up, she looked down realizing a lot of her stuff was missing. The new Mary searched for almost 30 minutes for her stuff spotting it in the distance. The new Mary grabbed her strap-on sandals slipping them back on and then grabbed her earrings putting them back in her ears and then grabbed her scrunchie putting her hair back in a bun and then grabbed her hoodie putting it back on and then grabbed her purse throwing it over her shoulder. The new Mary said the quote "Leave it to stupid old Mary to leave her damn stuff in a random sketchy parking lot so it can all be stolen. I'm 42 years old and I still do dumb stuff like that" The new Mary then looked up at the Rite Aid again with dilated eyes as she thought about going in and buying something. Knowing she was trespassed, she tried to sneak in. As she browsed, she decided to look at the cosmetics. Knowing there was no money in her purse, the new Mary acted bold. She quickly stuck the makeup and nail polish in her purse and quickly sped out the door. The new Mary said the quote "Not something a woman my age should ever be doing. Wish I didn't have to steal" The new Mary decided to sit on a nearby curb to smoke a cigarette. As she smoked, her body got tired and she eventually dosed off on the curb dropping her cigarette as it went out. The new Mary fast asleep in the parking lot. The real Mary in Carson's body watched from a distance happy to no longer be homeless and happy to be younger. Carson however was doomed to spend the rest of his life thinking he was a homeless woman named Mary.

Asked by manemansteve

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One sunny Friday afternoon, little 5-year-old Carson found himself strolling down the aisles of the Rite Aid store, his small hand tightly clenched around some change his mother gave him. His heart was set on buying his favorite snack - a chocolate bar that he'd spotted during previous visits with his mom. He was thrilled - this was his first time shopping alone, a monumental experience for any child. As Carson paid for his snack at the register and left the convenient store, he started to navigate through the parking lot when he was approached by a figure. Her name was Mary, known by her street name, Cheesy. Mary was 42 years old, and life had dealt her a tough hand. Neglected since childhood, she found herself on the streets, homeless. Despite her circumstances, she managed to carry a warm smile. Mary was a woman of character, her blonde hair tied up in a bun, wearing a peach tank top under her Under Armour hoodie. The short shorts and pink strap-on sandals she wore, along with the purse slung over her shoulder, were her most valuable possessions. She asked shy Carson if he could buy her a drink from the Rite Aid, she was barred from entering. Carson, with a genuine frown of innocence replied, "Sorry, I have no money left." This tug at her heart resulting in an affectionate tearful smile followed by a warm hug. As they embraced, Carson suddenly felt dizzy. As he opened his eyes, he was alarmed by his heightened perspective, he was taller. Glancing down, he was startled to find himself wearing the same Under Armour hoodie, short shorts, and strap-on sandals like Mary. Glancing in a nearby car window, he saw Mary's reflection where his should've been. Carson quickly removed the items that were too feminine for his liking - the sandals, earrings, the purse, the hoodie, and even the scrunchie from his hair. It felt more comfortable, more like himself. In the distance, he saw his own body walking away. Panicked and confused, he pursued it. Yet the individual didn't respond to his pleas and instead, began to laugh. It was Mary, trapped within Carson's young body. She found solace in shedding her life of poverty and hardship, for a fresh start with a caring 21 year old mother. As Carson's memories began to twist and turn into a jumbled, painful transformation, he found himself inhabiting Mary's previous life completely. He clutched his head in agony, the pain of transformation mirrored by his new linguistic skills - he began cussing out loud. The newfound Mary, sat on the pavement, catching her breath. She noticed her belongings scattered around and proceeded to collect them. As she recovered her items, she sighed a sarcastic, 'Leave it to me...' as if she had already lived years in these shoes. The forbidden allure of the Rite Aid in the distance drew her. She tried blend in, shopping casually while her purse slowly filled up with makeup and nail polish she couldn't afford, darting out of the back door before anyone noticed. She pouted a quote of regret, "Not what a woman my age should be doing... Wish I didn't have to steal". The new Mary then retired to the curb for a cigarette break, eventually drifting to sleep on the hard pavement. Many feet away, the spirit of real Mary who now resided in Carson's young body, watched this unfold from afar. She felt a mix of emotions - guilt, freedom, malice and pity. As she quietly navigated away with her new body, the innocent Carson, stuck with memories of a person he's never been, slept peacefully on a curb, her new haunting reality just beginning.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 23, 2023, 2:34 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, August 23, 2023

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