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Poetic words forming the image of phoenix rising, breaking chains, setting spirits free

Ask AI: Can you write a poem about breaking generational curses

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Question: Can you write a poem about breaking generational curses

Asked by dave5

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Upon ancient lines that course our veins, Runs the echo of past times' pains, A legacy borne, yet unseen, In the color of eyes, or curve of a gene. Among whispers of love and shouts of dismay, In unseen shackles, many are led astray, Chains not of iron, but memories old, A generational curse, in DNA's fold. But hark, brave souls, who dare to sever, The links that bind, the unseen tether, For within our hearts and conscious minds, Lie the keys these iron chains to unwind. First comes the courage to confront the past, To face the shadows, our forefathers cast, Understanding, knowledge and forgiveness unfold, The balm to heal, the curse's stronghold. Take courage in hand, and meet their gaze, Speak words of truth, through the murky haze, Forgive them their sorrows, their mistakes and more, Release their spirits, let them soar. Now gather the strength, to rewrite the tale, With love and kindness, let it regale, Replace the stories, of despair and fear, With those of hope, let joy appear. For in the depths of darkest night, There shines within us, the brightest light, Every chain that bound, every curse that scared, Can be broken and lifted, when love is shared. Remember, dear one, you have the choice, To silence the curse, give freedom a voice, Through love, compassion, understanding, and grace, We become the healers of our own race. Break the cycle, let the healing commence, No longer be limited by past tense, From generation to generation, let love increase, In bringing freedom, and everlasting peace.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 6, 2023, 3:04 p.m.

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Published: Monday, November 6, 2023

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