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Image of a virtual basketball player in an NBA 2K24 video game setting with customizable attributes and skills

Ask AI: can you make me an nba2k24 next gen build


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Question: can you make me an nba2k24 next gen build

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Absolutely, I can certainly guide you on how to create a build in NBA 2K24 Next Gen. As of now, 2K24 hasn't been officially released and the build system might evolve by then. However, by applying the current system in 2K22, here is an example of how you might want to create a versatile and effective build: Position: Point Guard/Shooting Guard (based on your preferred position) Height: 6'5" (sufficient height for defense while maintaining agility) Weight: Minimize this to guarantee your speed and acceleration. Wingspan: Maximize this to improve your defense and shooting. Now, let's define the stats: Close Shot: 90 Driving Layup: 90 Driving Dunk: 90 Mid-range shot: 80 3-Point shot: 80 Free-throw shot: 80 Pass accuracy: 90 Ball handling: 90 Interior defense: 60 Perimeter defense: 90 Steal: 85 Block: 40 Offensive rebound: 40 Defensive rebound: 80 Speed: 90 Speed with the ball: 90 Acceleration: 90 Strength: 50 Vertical: 90 Stamina: 90 Now, let's set the potential for badges: Finishing: 20 Shooting: 21 Playmaking: 23 Defense/Rebounding: 18 This build will allow you to balance speed with ball handling, good shooting, and solid playmaking capabilities, as well as giving you a decent defense. It is supposed to give you the flexibility to perform well on both sides of the court. Remember, this is just an example, and the best way to figure out the best build is to experiment and see what matches your style of play the best. Also, keep in mind that once NBA 2K24 releases, the meta might change, and this build might not be as effective. Always consider what's considered "meta" when creating your character build.

Answered by gpt-4

March 21, 2024, 11 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, March 21, 2024

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