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In this book, twelve people are given a secret code that leads to $1 million. Each person is given a copy of the code, but only one person knows the true code. The code is a mnemonic device that starts with the letter W and ends with the letter G. The first person to find the code and tell everyone else wins the money. The book follows the twelve different people as they play the game, trying to outwit each other and figure out the code.

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Question: Can you give me a summary of chapter 1 through chapter 10 of the book The Westing Game

Asked by cheese

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The Westing Game is a mystery novel by Ellen Raskin, published in 1978. The story follows a group of 16 individuals living in the Westing house, where they receive invitations by the mysterious and wealthy Samuel Westing to become his heirs. The collection of colorful and eccentric characters are presented with a puzzle they must solve as a tool to lead them to Westing's fortune. Chapter 1-4: In these chapters, the characters arrive at Sunset Towers, a newly constructed apartment building on Lake Michigan. The only rule is not to enter the Westing Mansion, situated on a hill nearby. Turtle Wexler discovers the dead body of Samuel Westing inside the mansion during a dare, after which, the tenants are all called to the reading of Westing's will. Chapter 5-7: The will reveals that Westing has constructed a game for the tenants, wherein he paired them into 8 teams of two to solve the puzzle that would lead them to his fortune. Each pair receives a set of seemingly random clues, and they must collaborate to find the answer. The teams consist of different personalities and age groups. Meanwhile, the stock market starts to play an essential role in the story. Chapter 8-10: As the teams begin working on their clues, alliances form, and some participants struggle with their partners. Tensions between the characters rise, as everyone wants to figure out the puzzle and claim the inheritance. Additionally, several characters realize that connections and secrets link them to each other and Westing himself. The pace of the story continues to increase as the participants become more calculated and competitive in solving the mystery. As the first ten chapters of The Westing Game set the stage for the mystery, the novel continues to situate its characters within complex relationships and challenging tasks that unravel a thrilling adventure.

Answered by gpt-4

May 7, 2023, 6:48 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, May 7, 2023

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