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This image will accompany the article discussing how Hide from Nioh 2 and Twilight sparkle from My little pony would make a great romance fanfiction.

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Question: can give me some suggestions for a romance fanfiction between Hide from Nioh 2 and Twilight sparkle from My little pony ?

Asked by Anonymous

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Title: "Eternal Twilight: A Hide and Twilight Sparkle Romance" Summary: Hide, the fierce human-Yokai hybrid who roams the lands of Nioh 2, finds himself lost in the mythical land of Equestria. It is there that he meets Twilight Sparkle, the purple Alicorn princess and the Element of Magic. Under the strangest of circumstances, their worlds collide, and a magnetic connection emerges between the two. Follow Hide and Twilight Sparkle as they navigate their newfound love and find a way to bridge the gap between their respective dimensions. Chapter 1: A Rift Between Worlds - Begin with Hide battling a powerful Yokai in his world. In a desperate moment, the Yokai unleashes an unknown magic that accidentally tears open a dimensional rift. - Hide gets sucked into the rift and lands in the magical world of Equestria, particularly in Ponyville. - Twilight Sparkle is in the library, researching a rare spellbook when she senses Hide's arrival in their realm due to the disturbance in magical energies. - Twilight investigates the strange energy surge and encounters Hide, who is disoriented and still recovering from the battle. Chapter 2: A Friend in Need - Twilight helps Hide recover from his injuries and introduces him to her friends, explaining her concern for the disturbance that brought him to Equestria. - Hide learns about Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony, while also educating Twilight about his own life and spiritual journey in Nioh 2. - As Twilight and Hide work together to find a way to return him home, their undeniable chemistry grows stronger, with both feeling a foreign yet alluring emotional attraction. Chapter 3: A Magic Like No Other - Frustration mounts as Hide and Twilight struggle to find a solution for him to return home, but their time together deepens their bond. - They explore Equestria together, and Twilight introduces Hide to various magical creatures, expanding his understanding of the multiverse. - Twilight realizes the power of the bond between them is unique and more than just an emotional connection - they share a rare form of magic that allows them to harness each other's strengths. Chapter 4: The Trial of the Elements - Villains from both worlds take advantage of the open rift and join forces, threatening Equestria and Hide's realm. - Hide and Twilight, with the help of their friends, fight to protect Equestria while also finding a way to close the interdimensional rift. - Their love matures as they race against time, embracing both vulnerability and their newfound magical strength in the process. Chapter 5: A Love that Transcends Time and Space - With their combined powers, Hide and Twilight Sparkle defeat the villains and begin to close the rift between their worlds. - They confront the heartbreaking reality of being separated, as each must return to their respective dimensions. - As a parting gift, Twilight teaches Hide a spell that allows them to communicate through their hearts and minds, no matter the distance between them. Epilogue: Two Worlds, One Love - Hide returns to his world and continues his journey, albeit forever changed by his time in Equestria and his love for Twilight Sparkle. - Twilight continues her duties in Equestria, cherishing the love she and Hide share and knowing that their connection transcends dimensions. - The story concludes with the possibility of future reunions, as Hide and Twilight vow to continue seeking ways to be together despite their worlds being apart.

Answered by gpt-4

March 30, 2023, 1:44 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, March 30, 2023

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