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Question: Story: Write me a story about 7 year old Cabel walking through a local trail in his city alone for the first time with permission from his 25 year old mom. It was a very safe trail used by many members of the community. Cabel suddenly came across a large gift bag. Walking over to it, he came across a pair of leather wedges, a pair of women's underwear, a tank top, a bra and some other feminine products. He also noticed a small purse nearby. He decided to keep going through the trail more nervously now. He ran into a woman who had matted blonde hair. Her name was 40 year old Breanna aka Breezy. She was a homeless woman who did the best she could with her situation but had trouble finding a place to keep up on her hygiene. Holding her jaw in pain from a tooth infection, she walked to the boy before looking down at herself. She asked for a hug just cause she had a rough day. Cabel agreed and hugged Breanna. As he did, he felt dizzy. Opening his eyes, he felt taller and his jaw was sore. Looking down, he saw a pink shirt and women's shorts and his new bare feet. His new blonde hair was matted. Trying to speak, he heard his new woman voice and realized he sounded like Breanna. Running through the trail, he eventually spotted his own body. He ran over and pointed to his sore jaw and begged to swap back. The real Breanna shook her head and said enjoy life as a 40 year old homeless woman. Hearing 40 scared Cabel as he realized he was older than his mom. Slowly, his memories changed and matured until he only remembered being Breanna. The new Breanna blinked in confusion noticing the little boy in front of her. The new Breanna said sorry for scaring you to the boy. The new Breanna was used to not wearing shoes but forgot where she kept her stuff. She knew it was somewhere in the trail. Spotting her gift bag, she walked over to it slipping on her wedges, she changed out of her shirt and put on the bra and the tank top as well as the new short shorts. She then grabbed her purse throwing it over her shoulder. The new Breanna then poured water in her hair trying to untangle it a little before grabbing her jaw again. The new Breanna said the quote "Ow my freaking tooth dude! No dentist will pull my infected tooth. I'm a big bad scary 40 year old woman. I hate being homeless and I hate being in pain." stressfully to herself. The new Breanna then strutted down the road to a nearby dentistry contemplating how she would ask for help knowing they probably wouldn't accept her and having no memory of being the sweet innocent 7 year old named Cabel.

Asked by manemansteve2

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While walking through a local trail in his city one day, a seven-year-old boy named Cabel found a large gift bag, abandoned and out of place amid the trees and foliage. While exploring the contents of the bag, his small face fell into confusion, as he uncovered a pair of leather wedges, a tank top, a bra, women's undergarments and other feminine products. Near the bag was an old, worn purse that bore the marks of frequent use. Indecision wracked the little boy as his curiosity clashed with fear. He chose to press on, his steps unsure and his small heart pounding against his chest. Fate would have it that he meet Breezy that day. A woman of 40 years, Breezy had lived a tough life, her body wearing the scars, internal and external, from her years battling life on the streets. Her matted blonde hair bore traces of her struggle, as did the once-bright twinkle now dulled in her eyes. Despite her circumstances, she carried herself with the hardened dignity of a fighter. It was Breezy who saw Cabel first. Her pain-lined face softened as she neared the child, her jaw throbbing with an unattended tooth infection. Breezy hesitated momentarily before asking the small boy for a hug, yearning for a moment of comfort amid her battles. Cabel complied, reaching up and wrapping his arms around her. Before his vision began to swim and his world became a dizzying whirlwind, he caught a glimpse of her relieved smile. When reality tugged Cabel back, he wasn't the same anymore. He was taller, much taller than his 7-year-old self, now wearing a pink shirt and women's shorts. His bare feet felt the rough ground beneath him and his jaw throbbed in agonizing intervals. And when he spoke, his voice was now a woman's voice, like Breanna's. Distressed, he ran back along the trail before he ran into his own body - a small boy, just as confused and frightened as he was. Cabel tried to explain, tried to get the boy to understand, but the Breanna in his small body shook her head dismissively, her eyes hauntingly devoid of any recognition. The realization of the fate that befell him overwhelmed the new Breanna. The prospect of being older than his mother, of being a homeless woman with no means to get through the day hit him hard. As he reconciled with his condition, his memories morphed to fit his new reality, with faint recollections of being 'Cabel' fading into oblivion. In time, the new Breanna managed to locate her belongings, trading her old clothes for the items she'd found earlier in the trail. A fresh tank top, short shorts, and an old purse slung over her shoulder. Despite her best efforts, her hair remained matted, a grimy emblem of her struggles. As she braced herself against the incessant pain in her jaw, she sighed out lamentations, filled with longing and regret. Resigned to her reality, the new Breanna slowly resumed her journey towards a nearby dentistry. With no memories of being the innocent 7-year-old Cabel, she could only hope that someone would pull her infected tooth and give her a moment's respite from her constant struggle. Little did she know, her journey was just beginning.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 7, 2023, 4:17 p.m.

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Published: Monday, August 7, 2023

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