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Illustration depicting multiple versions of Gwen Tennyson gathered around a table discussing the collapse of the multiverse at the International Dimensional Council of Gwens

Ben 10 Alternate Reality Gwen Tennyson Society


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Question: Write a story where in an alternate reality of Ben 10, Gwen Tennyson is sucked into a portal and lands in a universe where she’s taken to International Dimensional Council of Gwen’s; a society of multiversal counterparts of Gwen Tennysons including Gwen 10, Ultimate Alien Force Gwen, Omniverse Gwen, Reboot Gwen, Lucky Girl Gwen, and multiple versions of Gwen Tennysons who have elastic powers; as they discuss the dangerous collapse of the multiverse.

Asked by Coolman777

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Title: The Council of Gwens The day began as usual for Gwen. The teenager hopped out of bed and perused her magic books, looking for a spell that she hadn't yet practiced. Suddenly, her experimentation was interrupted by an energy vortex that tore the fabric of space and time. It pulled Gwen into its mysterious depths before she could utter a word. When she emerged from the portal, a sight like no other awaited her. Before Gwen stood an assortment of her counterparts hailing from various dimensions and realities. After the initial shock wore off, she was welcomed by the International Dimensional Council of Gwens, an assembly assembled to deal with interdimensional threats. Among the council, she recognized several familiar faces. Gwen 10, her alternate version where she got the Omnitrix; Ultimate Alien Force Gwen, her counterpart who fully embraced magic; Omniverse Gwen, who suppressed her powers for a life of unbiased academia; Reboot Gwen, a younger, more inexperienced version of herself; Lucky Girl Gwen, who relied on her mystic talismans for power; and multiple versions of Gwen Tennysons who possessed the power to stretch and manipulate their bodies in ways that not even her magic could explain. The council explained the dire situation: the multiverse was on the brink of collapse. The dimensional barriers were tearing apart faster than they could repair them. Each version of her presented their solutions, which ranged from magic to science to sheer brute strength. But they were missing a unified plan and consensus. Gwen felt a rush of responsibility. In her own universe, she was used to tackling issues with Ben and Kevin, but now, she had to take charge of a council full of herself, in a crisis that involved not one, but countless realities interconnected. She called for a meeting and managed to get the council to sit and discuss their tactics. She then suggested that their combined powers could be the key to saving the multiverse. Their solutions, she noted, were all pieces of a larger puzzle. The science that Omniverse Gwen provided could help them understand the nature of the tears in the fabric of realities; the magic from Ultimate Alien Force Gwen could work on manipulating and controlling that knowledge while the elasticity powers of the multiple Gwens could physically stitch the multiverse back together. The plan was a long shot, and its execution involved careful planning and coordination. But every Gwen present was willing to risk their dimension to save every dimension. The multiverse's survival now hinged on the unity of these Gwens. This unprecedented gathering would forever change the fate of the dimensional council. It proved that Gwen Tennyson, regardless of her reality, was a driving force in upholding the balance of the multiverse. If there were a prize for the most dynamic multiverse personality, it would unquestionably go to Gwen Tennyson in any reality.

Answered by gpt-4

Dec. 3, 2023, 3:40 a.m.

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Published: Sunday, December 3, 2023

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