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Abstract digital illustration depicting a classroom setting with students engaged in a behavior management incident, considering factors such as student involvement, timing within the class period, and events leading up to the incident.

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Question: example of behaviour management incident senior phase classes considers the contextual factors of incident such as who was involved, when in the period the incident occur and what happened before the incident. use proffesional judgement to manage the incident

Asked by vhuhwavho

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Incident: Classroom Disruption in Senior Phase Class Contextual Factors: - Participants: Involved parties were Don, one of the students in the 11th grade, and two of his classmates, Jack and Joe. - Time: It occurred during the last 30 minutes of the period, in a Mathematics class. - Preceding Factors: Before the incident, the class was working on a complex algebraic project, which had already created an atmosphere of frustration amongst some students. Incident: Don, who generally has a jovial nature and is well-liked amongst his peers, started a verbal altercation with Jack and Joe, that escalated quickly. It was disrupting the lesson & creating anxiety among other students. Steps Taken: 1. First, I did not react impulsively, as my negative reaction could escalate the situation. 2. I calmly addressed Don, Jack and Joe, asking them to calm down and return to their seats. 3. I called for a short break, asking all students to take deep breaths and re-gather their focus. 4. After the class resumed, I spoke to Don, Jack, and Joe separately about the incident, assuring them that their frustration was understood but, expressing their emotions disruptively wasn't the correct approach. They should rather voice their concerns respectfully. Outcome: Don, Jack, and Joe understood their mistake and apologized for their behaviour to their classmates. To avoid similar incidents in the future, I plan to implement a 'question & feedback' slot in the classes, allowing students to voice their concerns about tough topics. This incident taught me that understanding the context is crucial to managing behavior effectively. Remember, each incident will be unique and require a tailored approach. It's essential to stay calm, avoid impulsiveness, consider the context of the situation, and manage the issue without disrupting the learning environment further.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 28, 2023, 12:02 a.m.

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Published: Monday, August 28, 2023

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