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Illustration of a tournament bracket with the characters mentioned, arranged in a visually appealing and organized manner

Battle of the Gods

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Question: Make a tournament where battles between characters of my choosing take place. These are the brackets: Dumbledore spiderman 2099 dark woody thanos Doctor doom god Kronos Satan jesus galactus Archeangal God godly admin roblox Goku ssj4 purple god full power Ui cell Ssj6 vegeta Omega shenron

Asked by cyril

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Great! You've given me an interesting list of characters to plan a Tournament Bracket with. Let's get the battles underway: **ROUND 1** Battle 1: Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter series) vs Spiderman 2099 (Marvel Comics) Battle 2: Dark Woody (Toy Story) vs Thanos (Marvel Comics) Battle 3: Doctor Doom (Marvel Comics) vs God (religions world-wide) vs Kronos (God of Time in Greek Mythology) Battle 4: Satan (religious world-wide) vs Jesus (Christianity) Battle 5: Galactus (Marvel Comics) vs Archangel (Marvel Comics) Battle 6: God (religions world-wide) vs Godly Admin (Roblox) Battle 7: Goku SSJ4 Purple God Full Power (Dragon Ball Z) vs Ultra Instinct Cell (Dragon Ball Z) Battle 8: Super Saiyan 6 Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z) vs Omega Shenron (Dragon Ball GT) **ROUND 2 (Quarter-Finals)** Once all round 1 battles have been resolved, winners from each respective battle move on to the next: Battle 9: Winner of Battle 1 vs Winner of Battle 2 Battle 10: Winner of Battle 3 vs Winner of Battle 4 Battle 11: Winner of Battle 5 vs Winner of Battle 6 Battle 12: Winner of Battle 7 vs Winner of Battle 8 **ROUND 3 (Semi-Finals)** Battle 13: Winner of Battle 9 vs Winner of Battle 10 Battle 14: Winner of Battle 11 vs Winner of Battle 12 **ROUND 4 (Final Round)** Battle 15: Winner of Battle 13 vs Winner of Battle 14 This setup creates a tiered series of battles that will eventually lead to one champion. Of course, the outcome of these battles tremendously depends on the rules and setting you'll determine for the tournament. Make sure you clarify these details to ensure fair play among your chosen characters. Remember, the most powerful character doesn't always win; sometimes, strategy, intelligence, and even luck can turn the tide of a fight! Best of luck with your tournament!

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 1, 2023, 7:55 a.m.

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Published: Sunday, October 1, 2023

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