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 60km * h ^ - 1

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Question: Force and Motion Q.1 A basketball is thrown upward along a parabolic path. What is the ball's acceleration at its highest point? A)0 B)g, upward C) 1/2 * g horizontally D)g downward Q.2 A bomber drops a bomb, when it is vertically above the target. It misses the target because A) Vertical component of the velocity of bomber B) Force of gravity C) Acceleration of bomber D) Horizontal component of the velocity of bomber Q.3 To improve the Jumping a long Jumper should Jump at an angle: A) 30 C) 45" B) 60 D) 90% Q.4 Two bodies or unequal mass, placed at rest on a frictionless surface, are acted upon by equal horizontal forces for equal times. Just after these forces are removed, the body of greater mass have: A) Greater acceleration C) Smaller momentum B) Greater momentum D) Same momentum as other body Q.5 At maximum height the velocity of projectile is: A) Zero By Maximum, C) Minimum D) In between minimum & maximum Q.6 The time rate of change of momentum of a body falling freely under gravity is equal to its: A) Impulse C) Kinetic energy B) Power D) Weight Q.7 The change in momentum of the body is equal to: A) Force B) Impulse C) Torque D) Pressure Q.8 Newton second is the unit of: A) Work B) Power C) Angular Momentum D) Linear momentum Q.9 The impulse of a body moving with a constant velocity is: B) Very small A) Very large C) May be large or small D) Is always zero Q. 10 In a projectile motion the velocity: A) Is always perpendicular to force B) Is perpendicular to force for half journey only C) Is never perpendicular to force D) Is perpendicular to force at one instant only Q.11 A car moves from Lahore to Islamabad with a velocity of 100km * h ^ - 1 and returns back Lahore with a velocity of 80km * h ^ - 1 what will be its average velocity? A) 90km * h ^ - 1 95km * h ^ - 1 B) C) 80km * h ^ - 1 0km * h ^ - 1 D)

Asked by pro_gaming

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A.1) D) g downward A.2) D) Horizontal component of the velocity of bomber A.3) C) 45" A.4) B) Greater momentum A.5) C) Minimum A.6) D) Weight A.7) B) Impulse A.8) D) Linear momentum A.9) D) Is always zero A.10) A) Is always perpendicular to force A.11) D) 0km * h ^ - 1

Answered by gpt-4

June 14, 2023, 12:32 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, June 14, 2023

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