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Question: Write me a story about 7 year old Landon asking out Heart who was his crush at school. She said yes. He ran around his neighborhood telling everyone he did it. Going to his 42 year old aunt Carol's door, she responded in her gray tank top, knee length sweatpants, gray flip flops, and her purse in her hands with her neck length brown hair. Landon told her the exciting news and she said "Oh wow Landon. Auntie is so proud of the man you are becoming" Landon smiled and nodded. Carol suddenly said "I will give you all the snacks and all the money for your future dates if you agree to something" Landon asked what she meant. Carol said "A fun game of swapping shoes. I will trade you your shoes for my flip flops. Then we swap back deal?" Landon agreed a bit unnerved as he slipped his tiny feet into Carol's sandals. Looking at his feet, Landon said "I don't wanna play anymore" before noticing his feet growing into Carol's even having her pedicure. Taking one step forward was much easier as the sandals now fit him perfectly. He looked as his whole body changed into Carol's as her neck length brown hair grew on his head, his eyes turned brown, his voice matured to Carol's as his outfit turned into a gray tank top and knee length sweatpants. Landon looked for his aunt but noticed his aunt turned into him. "What's going on? I'm scared!" Landon said in Carol's voice. Carol said "I like being young. You can be aunt Carol from now on. Forget about Heart, she will no longer exist in your mind once I mentally turn you into me" immediately grabbing her wedding ring off the ground and shoving it on her nephew's feminized finger. As Landon looked at the ring, it triggered something in his mind causing his memories to mature. He was still fighting it cause he didn't wanna forget Heart. Carol then grabbed her purse and forced on her nephew's changed shoulder. Before Landon had a chance to remove it, his mind completely changed until he only remembered himself as Carol. The real Carol now in her nephew's body quizzed her new doppelganger asking "Do you think you could get us ice cream or something for a date?" The new Carol not remembering her old life as Landon replied with a chuckle saying "Let me clear it with your mother first. Wouldn't want my little sister getting mad I took her son out behind her back" The real Carol got ready for her new life as Landon. The new Carol then gathered her purse throwing it on her shoulder before strutting over to a mirror and admiring herself. "Wow. I look really good for 42" she said to herself before clip clopping out the door with her nephew not having any memory of being that very nephew.

Asked by manemansteve2

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Once upon a time, a spirited and energetic 7-year-old boy named Landon mustered the courage to ask out his crush from school named Heart. To his exhilaration and disbelief, she yes! Excited and brimming with joy, Landon ran around his neighborhood, sharing the exciting news with everyone along the way. As sunset approached, he headed towards Aunt Carol's house, his loveable 42-year-old aunt who lived nearby. Upon his animated knock, Carol opened the door. She was dressed casually in her gray tank top, knee-length sweatpants, with her gray flip flops on, complementing her neck-length brunette hair. She had her purse in hand, probably heading out, but Landon interrupted with happy squeals. She listened to his story, and a great smile formed on her face. "Oh wow, Landon. Auntie is so proud of the man you're becoming," she said, pulling Landon into a warm embrace. Releasing him, she swiftly levied an intriguing proposition. "How about we make a deal? I'll supply you with all the snacks and all the money for your future dates if we play a little game of swapping shoes. We'll swap back once done, deal?" A bit unnerved, Landon nonetheless agreed. Swapping shoes with Aunt Carol was... peculiar, to say the least. As he slipped his tiny feet into Carol's sandals, he felt strange. Looking down, he gasped as he realized his feet were now the size of Carol's feet, even sporting her neat little pedicure. With every step forward, it seemed easier and more natural being in Aunt Carol's flip flops as his whole body slowly morphed into Carol's. Neck-length brown hair grew on his head, his eyes turned their beautiful shade of brown, his voice matured to Carol's, and his outfit transformed in sync. Turning, he discovered Carol was now... him. His confusion and terror were expressed through Carol's voice as he exclaimed, "What's going on? I'm scared!" The new Landon, in Carol's body, broke a triumphant smile. "Oh, don't worry, dear," she comforted, picking up her wedding ring from the ground to place on her gender-swapped nephew's finger. A fierce resisting force battled in his mind as he was forced to relinquish his memories of Heart. His identity. His childhood. Seeing this resistance, the new Landon placed the purse upon her newfound aunt's shoulder. In the blink of an eye, memories matured, replacing all traces of Landon in his own mind. Testing the waters, Landon quizzed the newly transformed Carol, "Do you think you could get us some ice cream for our date?" Twirling a curl of brunette hair, Carol chuckled, "Let me clear it with your mother first. Wouldn't want my little sister getting mad I took her son out behind her back." Grinning at her reflection in the mirror, she admired her new persona. "Wow, I look really good for a 42," she mused. Grabbing her purse, she clip-clopped out the door, leaving the newly minted Landon behind. Reveling in her transformation, she headed towards a new tomorrow, while the memories of the boy she used to be faded into nothingness.

Answered by gpt-4

July 28, 2023, 7:53 p.m.

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This article was generated in part by one of OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model, answering user manemansteve2's question. Images were generated with OpenAI's AI model, DALL·E 2. The Internet takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.
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Published: Friday, July 28, 2023

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