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Illustration of a checklist with four sections labeled:
a. Completing obstacle course with agility and speed.
b. Demonstrating imaginative movement during gross motor activities.
c. Successfully hitting the ball with the bat.
d. Effectively kicking the ball towards a target.

Assessment Rubric for Physical Education Skills: 1. Moving through the obstacle course: - Coordination: Able to navigate obstacles smoothly and without hesitation. - Speed: Moves through the course a


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Question: design a simple assessment rubric that you can use to assess the following four aims: a. moving through the obstacle course. b. developing gross motor creativity. c. hitting the ball with the bet d. kicking the ball

Asked by Geighlady

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Assessment Rubric: 1. Moving Through the Obstacle Course: - Does Not Meet Expectations: Unable to navigate the course without assistance; consistently bumps into or trips over obstacles. - Meets Expectations: Mostly navigates the course with some minor bumps and trips; sometimes requires assistance. - Exceeds Expectations: Successfully navigates the obstacle course; rarely bumps into or trips over obstacles. - Outstanding: Navigates the course flawlessly and shows agility, coordination, and speed. 2. Developing Gross Motor Creativity: - Does Not Meet Expectations: Struggles to create movements; uses very little variety in movements. - Meets Expectations: Demonstrates a variety of movements with some creativity involved. - Exceeds Expectations: Shows creative use of movements; frequently uses different movements. - Outstanding: Consistently uses a wide variety of creative movements; variations are unique and well executed. 3. Hitting the Ball with the Bat: - Does Not Meet Expectations: Struggles to make contact with the ball; grip and stance may be incorrect or inconsistent. - Meets Expectations: Hits the ball consistently but may lack control or power. - Exceeds Expectations: Hits the ball consistently with fairly good control and power. - Outstanding: Demonstrates excellent control and power when hitting the ball consistently; shows excellent grip, stance, and eye-ball coordination. 4. Kicking the Ball: - Does Not Meet Expectations: Struggles to make solid contact with the ball; lacks direction and power. - Meets Expectations: Makes consistent contact with the ball but may lack direction and power. - Exceeds Expectations: Kicks the ball consistently with fairly good control, direction, and power. - Outstanding: Shows excellent precision and power when kicking the ball; direction and control are highly developed.

Answered by gpt-4

April 30, 2024, 2:35 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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