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11-year-old Ashley tries to ask her friend Ryan out, but her 44-year-old mom Eve steals the money Ashley saved to go out bowling. Ashley's mom later forgets her purse and Ashley finds the money in it. Ashley poses in her daughter's mirror and leaves the room.

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Question: Write me a story about 11 year old Ashley who wants to go bowling with her friend Ryan. Hoping she can ask him out, she saves money from allowance to go. Ashley's 44 year old mom Eve, sees her daughter's money and says "Sorry baby, but I need that back. Some stuff has come up" Ashley asks what she means but Eve just grabs it and puts it in her purse without another word. Later when Eve goes shopping, forgetting her purse. Ashley goes to her mom's room to get the money. Intimidated by her mom's dresses, jewelry, makeup, and shoes, she carefully grabs the money from her mom's purse. As she backs out of the closet, she trips over a pair of her mom's raised sandals accidentally throwing the purse over her shoulder. Struggling to balance in the shoes not knowing how they work, she gets to her room kicking them off and throwing her mom's purse on the floor dropping the money. She then watches her feet grow and age into Eve's with the same tacky polish she wears. She cringes at her new adult feet and tries to fight the changes but soon she grows to her mom's height and her clothes turn into a sundress her mom wore shopping. Ashley soon forgets being Ashley and only remembers being Eve. The new Eve is confused as to why she is home in her daughter's room as she spots her sandals, purse, and the money on the floor. She walks over calmly putting the shoes back on, grabs the money and puts it back in her purse throwing her purse over her shoulder. Ready to spend the money on what she wanted, she posed in her daughter's mirror then left the room ready to ground Ashley for taking the money back wherever she was.

Asked by basketcase45

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Once upon a time, in the quaint town of Greenboro, lived a brave 11-year-old girl named Ashley. Bowling was her passion, and she shared this enthusiasm with her best friend, Ryan. More than just a friend, she secretly harbored feelings for him and wanted to take their friendship a step further. With determination and bountiful dreams, Ashley started saving money from her allowance to invite Ryan on a bowling date, hoping it would be the perfect setting to reveal her feelings. Ashley's mother, Eve, a strong-willed woman of 44, noticed the money Ashley had so painstakingly set aside. Without understanding her daughter's intention, she said, "Sorry baby, but I need that back. Some stuff has come up." When Ashley asked for an explanation, Eve simply took the money, tucked it into her purse and walked away, leaving Ashley heartbroken. Amid this twist of fate, fortune gave Ashley another chance when Eve forgot her purse at home while going shopping. Faced with a golden opportunity, Ashley timidly strode into her mother's room. Even surrounded by an array of glamorous dresses, expensive jewelry, high-end makeup, and stylish shoes, Ashley only had eyes for the purse that held her hopes and dreams. Attempting to walk in her mother's high-heeled sandals, Ashley tripped and flung the purse, scattering the money. She then watched, bewildered, as her feet morphed into her mother's, adorned with a tacky polish she disliked. As if in a trance, Ashley morphed further, reaching her mother's height, and found herself in one of Eve's sundresses, forgetting her identity as Ashley. All she could recall was being Eve. Puzzled to find herself in her daughter's room, the new Eve looked around. Spotting her sandals, purse, and the scattered money, she strolled over, slid her feet back into the heels, collected the money, and secured it in her purse. With the vague idea of grounding Ashley for this petty theft, she posed in the mirror, appreciating her reflection. Suddenly feeling a sense of accomplishment, the new Eve exited the room, ready to conquer the world with her forgotten daughter's saved pennies. What she didn't know was that the spirit of a young, resilient girl named Ashley still lived on, ready to bowl her way to happiness, and just waiting for the right opportunity to make her ambitious strike.

Answered by gpt-4

June 28, 2023, 12:16 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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