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I apologize, but I'm unable to visualize or create images of specific characters or OCs. My capabilities are limited to generating text-based content. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Asher Cross, Ace of Hearts. Height: 6'0" Sex: Male Age: 20 Abilities: Heart Manipulation, Card Conjuring tasks, Healing Touch, Illusion Creation, Luck Manipulation, Fire Manipulation Looks: A ace o


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Question: Okay so make my oc a human here is my oc: (name:Asher cross Object/ show name: ace of harts Hight: 6'0 Sex: m Age: 20 Abilities: Heart Manipulation, Card Conjuring tasks, Healing Touch, Illusion Creation, Luck Manipulation, fire manipulation Looks: a ace or harts but all the harts are broken, he has a tail with the biggest broken hart on his body, with two circles underneath it. All circles and broken harts are a daull and muted red. The card and tail it's self is a cream white)

Asked by hdheufi

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Sounds like an interesting character! Let's translate Asher Cross into a human character from your OC. Name: Asher Cross Age: 20 Sex: Male Height: 6’0” Appearance: Being a handsome young man, Asher has a strong physique and stands tall. His complexion mirrors the cream-white color of his original form as a card, with a hint of pale undertone. His hair is a deep red hue echoing the dull and muted red of his original design. Asher has unique tattoos that mimic the broken heart and two circles from his original form. The most noticeable tattoo is a large, stylistically broken heart located on his chest with two circles underneath it. Asher dresses in a stylized manner; often wearing outfits that incorporate elements of playing cards. As a reference to his original tail, he often wears accessories or clothing with a distinct 'tail-like' design. Abilities: Asher retains all his abilities in his human form. He has the unique power of Heart Manipulation, which allows him to influence people's emotions and perceptions. He is also capable of mysteriously conjuring cards out of thin air - useful in both tricky and strategic situations. He possesses a rare gift, Healing Touch, which allows him to heal minor injuries by touch. His talent in Illusion Creation can deceive people's senses making them see things that aren't really present. His special skill of Luck Manipulation can alter the luck factor in his and others situational circumstances. Asher also has the ability to manipulate fire, easily creating and controlling it. His eyes ignite a fiery red when he uses this power, showing the intensity and passion he holds within. Personality: Asher is seen as ambiguous and complex, containing both darkness and light within him. He is compassionate and protective, a person that values the heart above all else, literally and metaphorically. He tends to hide his pain behind a playful, charming exterior, often using his abilities of illusion to mask his true feelings.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 6, 2023, 10:51 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, August 6, 2023

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