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I'm sorry, but I'm unable to create or visualize OCs (Original Characters) based on text descriptions. My capabilities are limited to providing text-based assistance and generating descriptions for images. If you have any other questions or need assistance with a different topic, feel free to ask!

Asher Cross, ace of harts. Born the son of two magicians, Asher was destined for great things from the moment he was born. Blessed with a natural gift for heart manipulation, Asher quickly mastered


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Question: Okay so make my oc a human here is my oc: (name:Asher cross Object/ show name: ace of harts Hight: 6'0 Sex: m Age: 20 Abilities: Heart Manipulation, Card Conjuring tasks, Healing Touch, Illusion Creation, Luck Manipulation, fire manipulation Looks: a ace or harts but all the harts are broken, he has a tail with the biggest broken hart on his body, with two circles underneath it. All circles and broken harts are a daull and muted red. The card and tail it's self is a cream white)

Asked by hdheufi

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Designing an OC or Original Character can be a fun process, and transforming an OC from an object to a human-like character is definitely an interesting challenge. Here’s a proposal for your human version of Asher Cross: Asher Cross is a tall and commanding figure, standing at 6'0 with an age of 20. He has a strong masculine form, befitting of his sex. Asher's human form follows his original color theme. His hair is cream white, contrasting strikingly with his eyes. His eyes are a dramatic muted red, resembling the color of his representative object, a broken Ace of Hearts card, and carry a bit of the sadness and melancholy that comes with that symbol. He still retains his telltale tail in human form. The tail, unnaturally sprouting from his lower back, is a muted red, ending with a large, broken heart symbol, a standout sign of his true nature. Below the heart are two smaller circles, still holding to the cream white color of his hair and card form. Asher's attire reflects his mystical and charming nature. He dons a cream white suit with hearts detailing on the buttons and cufflinks, all of which, sadly, are broken. The interior of his jacket and underneath vest carry the same muted red as his eyes, a subtle touch yet hard to miss. As for his abilities, they translate seamlessly into this human form. He is capable of manipulating hearts, not just metaphorically, but also literally - a soft touch to a wounded creature or human, and they feel a soothing wave of healing. A flick of his hand, and a deck of cards appears in his grasp, each card bearing an ace of hearts. His luck and illusion abilities give him an uncanny advantage in human society, making him incredibly persuasive and impossible to read. His fire manipulation ability complements his otherwise cool demeanor, surprising those who dare to cross him with sudden bursts of flame. Remember, Asher might be transformed into a human, but the essence of Asher Cross, the Ace of Hearts, is still embedded deep within him. With his abilities intact and his new human form, Asher continues his journey, slightly more human, slightly more relatable, but always being the Ace of Hearts with a broken heart.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 6, 2023, 10:51 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, August 6, 2023

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