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Question: Story: Write me a story about 6 year old Tristan being watched by his older brother's 19 year old girlfriend Taylor while the rest of his family was on vacation. Tristan was wearing a shirt and shorts to bed that night when suddenly he was woken up by noises downstairs. Checking to see who, he was startled to see a whole bunch of figures he didn't recognize. Running to the bedroom Taylor was sleeping in, he tried waking Taylor up but she rolled over and went back to sleep. As he ran around the bed trying to think of what he could do, he accidentally slipped his feet into Taylor's black flip flops immediately slipping them off grossed out at the feminine shoes. Before he had a chance to do react, his feet started cracking and aging into Taylor's complete with her white nail polish. Trying to frantically wake Taylor to alert her to his strange transformation, the changes accelerated. His arms and legs feminized as his fingers gained the same white polish. His body and torso feminized as he got the same pair of boobs Taylor had. His head and hair turned into Taylor's as he gained Taylor's neck length black hair. His eyes turned brown and mature. His teeth turned straight and white. His voice matured into Taylor's pitch. His outfit turned into the same black crop top and jean short shorts Taylor was wearing. The same ring his older brother gave Taylor now formed on his finger. He looked over at where Taylor was sleeping and saw she was evaporating until the bed was empty. Looking at numerous pictures in the room, Tristan noticed he was disappearing from all of them indicating he never existed. Slowly, his memories started altering, changing and maturing until he only remembered being Taylor. He even started floating to the bed Taylor was sleeping in landing in the same position she had been in as he forcibly fell asleep. Not even seconds later, the new Taylor opened her eyes once again unaware of the intruders downstairs as she sat up and stretched and yawned. She got up and walked over to her black flip flops slipping them on her feet. She walked over to the mirror admiring how they looked. Her eyes darted to the ring her boyfriend gave her as she cheesed at how much she loved him. Being so happy he chose to have her housesit while him and his family was gone. The new Taylor felt her stomach growl and decided maybe a late night snack would be tasty. As she left the guest room and clip clopped to the stairs, she suddenly heard the sounds of people whispering downstairs. Seeing all the intruders, Taylor let out a gasp before covering her mouth and running back to the guest room in a panic grabbing her phone from the side of the bed and dialing 911 before texting her boyfriend. Her text read "Oh my God! Honey! People have broke into your house. I called the cops but I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I could really use my big strong man right now" Taylor looked at the black flips flops on her feet and thought about how loud they were hoping nobody heard her walking around upstairs. She also thought about her boyfriend and imagined herself being shielded by him not having to worry about the scary men downstairs having no memory of being a 6 year old boy named Tristan.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, there was a 6-year-old boy named Tristan who was spending the night under the watchful care of his older brother's 19-year-old girlfriend, Taylor, while his family was away on vacation. It was a usual night; Tristan securely tucked in bed wearing his comfiest shirt and cotton shorts. In the middle of the serene night, sudden noises echoed from downstairs, prompting Tristan to wake up. He glanced at the silent, rhythmically breathing shape of Taylor on the bed across the room, then fearfully walked downstairs to see where the weird noises were coming from. To his horror, the dim light revealed multiple shadowy figures milling around. With a sputter of panic, Tristan bolted back upstairs, making a beeline for Taylor's room. He shook her awake but she stirred and mumbled before rolling over and going back to sleep. In his fear and confusion, he tripped over Taylor's pair of black flip flops by the bed. Slipping his feet into them by accident, he immediately recoiled and kicked them off, grossed out by the girly shoes. But that's when things took an unexpected turn. Tristan's feet started to change, growing bigger, older, transforming into Taylor's complete with the white nail polish. Startled, he tried to wake Taylor, yelling and shaking her more fervently. But as he did, his transformation escalated. Biceps disappeared into slender feminine arms sporting the same polish that was now on his toes. His chest developed, his waist cinched inward, and in a flash, he was sporting the same pair of boobs as Taylor. His head spun as his hair lengthened to match Taylor's neck-length jet-black curls. His eyes turned deep brown, and his pearly whites became straight and very white. His voice changed from a boyish tenor to a more mature pitch, remarkably similar to Taylor's. Before he could comprehend what was happening, his outfit morphed into a black crop top and jean short shorts identical to what Taylor wore earlier. A ring materialized on his finger, the same ring his brother gifted to Taylor. Glancing back at Taylor, he noticed with a jolt that she was slowly evaporating, leaving the bed empty. A wave of dizziness washed over him, and he collapsed onto the bed, falling swiftly into a deep sleep. When he awoke, he was no longer Tristan, the six-year-old boy but Taylor, the 19-year-old girlfriend of his older brother. Taylor looked at her reflection in the mirror, admiring her crop top and short shorts. She smiled widely at the sight of the ring her boyfriend had given her. Feeling her stomach grumble, Taylor decided a little snack was in order. As she clip-clopped out of the bedroom toward the stairs, she overheard whispering voices coming from downstairs. Instantly, she was reminded of the unfamiliar figures Tristan had seen earlier. She gasped and silently scampered back to her room. Her heart pounded as she quickly dialled 911 while also texting her boyfriend. Looking around anxiously, she glanced down at her flip flops, hoping that they hadn't caused too much noise. With a worried frown, she hoped that her boyfriend, her protector, would be there with her soon. Oblivious to the memories of Tristan, she only wished for safety and hoped that everything would turn out okay.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 17, 2023, 6:02 p.m.

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This article was generated in part by one of OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model, answering user manemansteve's question. Images were generated with OpenAI's AI model, DALL·E 2. The Internet takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.
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Published: Thursday, August 17, 2023

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