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 my neck

This image will accompany an article about a blue wolf doll that begins to attack people, only to have its eyes covered and heal moments later.

and I wake up This is not a dream: I am a blue wolf doll and I see tails and Sonic but I was on the ground and someone's plus water on me and I get up and it's not a dream. I'm scared but it was Son


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Question: I'm a blue wolf and I see tails and Sonic but I was on the ground and someone's plus water on me and I get up and it's not a dream and I'm scared but it was Sonic and tails and I come down and I told him about I got bitten by a doll and I become it at the full moon My eyes begin to bleeding and I become a blue wolf doll I tried to attack them because I lost control my eyes are covered and healing because it was bleeding and it's hits

Asked by werewolf13

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Sonic and tails and they realize what happened to me. Sonic and Tails were shocked to see the transformation of the blue wolf, and their hearts sank when they saw the blood dripping from its eyes. They could tell that the wolf had been bitten by a doll and the full moon had triggered the transformation. Tails was the first to act. He quickly fashioned a makeshift muzzle from some nearby materials and wrapped it around the wolf's head. Sonic then ran to a nearby stream, filled his cupped hands with water, and poured it on the wolf's head to help ease the pain. As the water washed away the blood, the wolf's eyes began to heal and the transformation began to reverse. Sonic and Tails then looked deep into the wolf's eyes and realized what had happened. They said to the wolf, "It's ok, we know what happened and we are here to help you." The wolf quickly calmed down and the transformation was complete. Sonic and Tails then took the wolf back to their own home and gave it a safe place to stay while they searched for a cure to the curse. From then on, the blue wolf was a loyal companion to Sonic and Tails and they continued to look for a way to break the curse.

Answered by text-davinci-003

Jan. 29, 2023, 8:29 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, January 29, 2023

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