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Analyzing Topographical Survey Data for Road Design with Model Maker and Road Maker Software


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Question: Using the survey data provided including the following files (Wg31º system), briefly mention the method of approach :-  Proj 1Q1- (2024).kcd  Proj 1Q1- (2024).bot  Proj 1Q1- (2024).mal  Proj 1Q1- (2024).tr2  Proj 1Q1- (2024).mmb  Annexure A.pdf (image file)  Annexure A.jpeg (image file) Which must be accessed and downloaded from: - ‘Moodle’ – ‘Computer applications 3A’ – ‘Project 1’ – ‘Question 1’ The Topographical survey has extensively covered the area by means of an approx. 30m wide strip survey along the proposed route, which includes all natural and artificial features and existing services along the Examiner: Mr A Raghubar Computer Applications 3A (CPTA301) 2024 Semester I Page 2 of 6 road. This will serve as important information to the design and layout of the new tar road. The portion of road which is to serve as a taxi route has an expected length of approximately 5.0km upon completion. However, you are required to perform a full Road design utilising the Model maker and Road maker software to the following design specifications for a length of approximately 1.8 – 2.0km:- Design specifications for Single lane carriageway: Design speed 50km/hr Lane width 2.5m single lane Road camber - 2.5% left and right Kerb data Type: MK4 Shoulder width 1.5m slope= +4% Side slopes Cut= 1: 1 Fill= 1: 1.5 Trapezoidal Drain specifications slope 1= 1:1 width= 0.40m slope 2= 1:100 width= 0.20m slope 3= 1:1 width= 0.40m Layer works specifications: First (Top) layer: width= 2.5m thickness= 0.04m Second layer: width= 2.6m thickness= 0.10m Third layer: width= 2.7m thickness= 0.14m Road reserve= 15m Compaction factor= 0.90 Where the above design specifications cannot be satisfied, the values may be adjusted accordingly within reason, however any such changes must be justified in your report.

Asked by mandisa

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Based on the details provided, here is your potential method of approach: 1. Access and Download files: Go to 'Moodle', navigate to 'Computer Applications 3A', further go into 'Project 1' and then 'Question 1'. The required files are there. Download all the following files: Proj 1Q1- (2024).kcd, Proj 1Q1- (2024).bot, Proj 1Q1- (2024).mal, Proj 1Q1- (2024).tr2, Proj 1Q1- (2024).mmb, both 'Annexure A' .pdf and .jpeg files. All these contain important survey data for your project. 2. Analyze the provided Survey Data: Examine the details given in the survey files and the information on the topographical survey which covers the project area. Understanding the lay of the land and the existing features of the area is critical for any design. 3. Road Design: Use Model maker and Road maker software as per your course curriculum to design a single lane carriageway of approximately 1.8 – 2.0km length. Use the design specifications provided above. These include details about design speed, lane width, road camber, kerb type, shoulder width and slope, side slopes cutting and filling details, trapezoidal Drain specifications, and different layers of road specifications. 4. Re-adjust and Justify: If you are unable to meet the above-mentioned road design specifications due to the terrain or other unavoidable factors, you may need to adjust them. However, any changes made must be reasonable and fully justified in your report. 5. Prepare a Report: Offer a clear and detailed explanation of your design process, challenges faced, reasons for any changes to the original design specifications, and how the final design meets the project goals. Include your data analysis, visual representations etc.⠀⠀ Remember, thoroughness, attention to detail, and clear and concise communication in your report are crucial to the success of your project. Always double-check your work and ensure that all your calculations and design choices are accurate and appropriate for the set parameters.

Answered by gpt-4

April 19, 2024, 9:11 a.m.

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Published: Friday, April 19, 2024

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