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Question: Story: Write me a story about 5 year old Aiden getting ready to run errands with his 43 year old aunt Tara. Tara was watching Aiden for the summer to give her 38 year old sister Allie a much needed break from her son. Tara first wanted to go to the salon to get her nails done and then she wanted to shop around at the mall. Next, she wanted to stop and get some lunch before doing some shopping at Kohl's. She then wanted to end her day at the beach. As Aiden was getting ready, he grabbed his shoes and some of his things when Tara called him into her room. Walking into her room, Tara was dressed in one of her tan bikinis with a short silk dress over it. She was also wearing a pair of her tan flip flops and some sunglasses with her purse on her shoulder and her car keys in her hand. She looked down at her nephew and told him he needed to wear flip flops for the beach. Aiden said no he didn't like flip flops and said he'd rather wear his own shoes. Tara said just try them on once and see if you like them. Tara then removed her own flip flops and handed them to Aiden. Holding them in his hands, Aiden slipped on Tara's flip flops uncomfortable at how they felt as he looked down at them. Before he had a chance to remove them, his feet slowly grew and changed until they fit in the flip flops perfectly. Suddenly, he noticed how his feet looked like his aunt's even having the same pedicure she always had. Freaking out, he looked up to his aunt to see she had turned into a copy of him. Tara now looking exactly like Aiden. Aiden kept changing as he grew to Tara's height and gained Tara's curly black hair and his eyes turned brown and seductive. His outfit slowly changing into the same outfit Tara had dressed in as his voice matured into Tara's woman voice. Begging his aunt to switch back, Tara simply said no and said to enjoy life as his own mom's older sister and that she would erase his memories anyway. Grabbing her sunglasses, the real Tara slipped them on her transformed nephew's face causing his memories to start altering but he still fought it. Tara then grabbed her purse and placed it on Aiden's transformed shoulder and held it there. Aiden felt the last of his innocent child memories changing, altering and maturing until he only remembered being Tara. The new Tara felt dizzy and confused as she looked around. Noticing her purse falling off her shoulder, she gripped it in her hands looking at it before pulling her car keys out of her purse. The new Tara not remembering being Aiden looked at her old body with unfamiliarity before saying "Are you ready to go yet? I don't wanna be late for my appointment. I really need to get my nails done" The real Tara now in Aiden's body nodded and grabbed the few things she needed. The new Tara walked over to the mirror and smiled at her reflection even through the sunglasses she was wearing. The new Tara said the quote "I'm already such a hot and attractive woman without my name being Tara on top of that. I certainly don't feel like a 43 year old woman" She then adjusted her purse ensuring it was firmly on her shoulder as she clip clopped out to her car ready to go get her nails done and do some clothes shopping having no memory of being 5 year old Aiden.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, a 5-year-old boy named Aiden was preparing to assist his 43-year-old Aunt Tara with running errands during the summer. His mother, Allie, needed a break and Tara was happy to have Aiden with her for a while. The plan was to visit the salon, shop around the mall, stop for lunch, try Kohl's for some fresh attire, and then wind down at the beach. One summer morning, Aiden was getting ready when Tara beckoned him into her room. Dressed in a tan bikini with a short silk dress, tan flip-flops, and sunglasses, she appeared ready for her day. Her purse was slung over her shoulder and car keys in her hand. Aiden took notice as she recommended that he wear flip-flops for their late beach visit. Aiden, however, resisted. He preferred his own shoes. After a bit of persuading from Tara, he hesitantly tried on her flip-flops. To his surprise, the instant he put them on, his small feet grew and reshaped to fit perfectly in Tara's flip flops. Looking down, he was startled to see his feet resembling hers, same manicured toenails and all. When Aiden looked up at Tara, he found his aunt to have transformed into a carbon copy of him. The transformation didn’t stop there. He grew taller, mirroring Tara's height, his hair morphed to her curly black locks, and his eyes became deep brown. His clothes morphed into Tara's outfit, and even his voice had altered to match hers. Tara, having become Aiden, refused his pleas to revert the transformations. She simply told him to enjoy being the older sister for a day and promised to restore his initial form and memories. However, as she slid her sunglasses on his face, Aiden felt the first ripple of his memories altering. As Aiden clutched Tara's purse, the remaining flickers of his childhood memories vanished. Instead, he was left with the knowledge of being Tara. Despite feeling dizzy and disoriented, he managed to notice when the purse was soon to slide off his shoulder. He secured it, fishing out the car keys. With his memories replaced, he looked at his former body, now inhabited by Tara, and urged her to hurry. Strangely comfortable as Tara, Aiden gazed at his reflection in the mirror, a woman in her early forties. Her body language was confident, a bit vain even, as she admired herself. "I'm already such a hot and attractive woman without my name being Tara on top of that. I certainly don't feel like a 43-year-old woman," he said in Tara's voice, adjusting the placement of her purse securely over her shoulder and striding out to the car. As he headed off to pamper herself and go shopping, she had completely forgotten that he once was a 5-year-old named Aiden.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 10, 2023, 12:37 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, August 10, 2023

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