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Aged Beef, Boxed Meat, Butterflied, Crown Roast, Dry Aging, Dry Cured, Fabrication, Forequarter, Foresaddle, Frenching, Game, Grain, Hare, Haunch, Hindquarter, Hindsaddle, Lamb, Marbling, Mutton, Offal, Primal Cuts, Quarters, Retail Cuts, Saddle, Seams, Sides, Silverskin, Subprimal Cuts, Variety Meat, Veal, Venison, Wet Aging in the style of Pablo Picasso

Aged beef: Beef that has been stored to enhance flavor and tenderness. Boxed meat: Meat packaged in boxes for transportation and storage. Butterflied: Technique of cutting meat to flatten for quicke


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Question: I need a VERY short definition on (aged beef), boxed meat, butterflied, crown roast, dry aging, dry cured, fabrication (of meat), forequarter, foresaddle, frenching, game, grain (of meat), hare, haunch, hindquarter, hindsaddle, lamb, marbling, mutton, offal, primal cuts, quarters (of meat), retail cuts, saddle, seams (in meat), sides (of meat), silverskin, subprimal cuts, variety meat, veal, venison, wet aging, and please make sure to seperate them properly

Asked by Coolguy420

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1. Aged Beef: Beef that gets stored under tightly controlled conditions for several days to weeks to enhance flavor and tenderness. 2. Boxed Meat: Pre-packaged meat cuts. 3. Butterflied: Meat cut almost in half and spread flat to resemble a butterfly. 4. Crown Roast: Special roast made from two rib sections tied together. 5. Dry Aging: Process wherein meat is aged to improve flavor and tenderness. 6. Dry Cured: Meat preserved by drying, usually with salt. 7. Fabrication of Meat: Process of cutting meat into retail cuts. 8. Forequarter: Front part of animal. 9. Foresaddle: Front part of an animal's back. 10. Frenched: Process of removing meat and fat from the bone end of a ribeye. 11. Game: Wild animals or birds hunted for food. 12. Grain of Meat: Direction of muscle fibers in meat. 13. Hare: Large rabbit-like animal usually harvested for meat. 14. Haunch: Rear end of an animal. 15. Hindquarter: Rear part of animal. 16. Hindsaddle: Back half of the carcass. 17. Lamb: Meat from a young sheep. 18. Marbling: Intramuscular fat in meat cuts. 19. Mutton: Meat from an older sheep. 20. Offal: Edible internal organs of animal. 21. Primal Cuts: Large distinct pieces of meat initially separated from carcass. 22. Quarters of Meat: Division of carcass into four main parts. 23. Retail Cuts: Small, ready-for-sale meat cuts. 24. Saddle: Back section from shoulder to tail. 25. Seams in Meat: Space between muscles in a cut of meat. 26. Sides of Meat: Half a carcass split longitudinally. 27. Silverskin: Thin membrane covering muscles. 28. Subprimal Cuts: Portions of primal cuts. 29. Variety Meat: Edible organs and offal. 30. Veal: Meat from a young calf. 31. Venison: Meat from a deer. 32. Wet Aging: Meat enhancement process where it is aged in its own juices. I hope this helps!

Answered by gpt-4

March 13, 2024, 6:58 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, March 13, 2024

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