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Question: Write me a story about 25 year old Oscar over at his girlfriend Serena's house watching it for her. Serena was his new girlfriend after his breakup with 22 year old Victoria who was from Australia. Victoria was more into the materialistic aspect of dating at first but after Oscar stayed by her through a lot of tough moments, she became crazily obsessed with him. Oscar deciding to leave her just so she could work on herself was his goal. Oscar was cleaning Serena's house casually and ended with Serena's room. Fully tidying it up, he was walking through the living room when she accidentally slipped into a pair of silver low platform sandals. Slipping them off, he freaked recognizing they were Victoria's sandals. Not spotting her anywhere in the house, he suddenly felt his feet shrinking and changing as his toes gained a silver polish, Victoria's favorite color nail polish. Realizing he was turning into her, he panicked as his hair turned dirty blonde and his eyes changed to baby blue. His outfit changed into short shorts and a tan tank top and sunglasses formed on his face. His memories, voice and accent slowly changing his thoughts mid-sentence as he only remembered himself as Victoria. "Wait please I don't----Oh what in the world am I on about now?" the new Victoria said confused. Remembering she snuck into Serena's house, Victoria yelled for Oscar at first knowing he was supposed to be at the house. Suddenly noticing her platform sandals, Victoria slipped them on. Victoria saw something in Serena's room that looked like an ornament. Grabbing it, Victoria brought her right sandal-clad foot up into the air and stomped down on it as hard as she could accidentally getting her foot with a piece of glass. "Ow bloody skank stealing my man making me hurt myself" Victoria still wondering where Oscar was not knowing she used to be him.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, Oscar was the quintessential 25-year-old, a fine mix of charismatic charm and unfiltered honesty. He was stationed at his new girlfriend, Serena's house. Serena was the polar opposite of Oscar's previous girlfriend, Victoria. Victoria, a 22-year-old Australian, initially dated Oscar for the accumulated glamour it brought her. Her superficial lifestyle was a stark contrast to Oscar, but when he proved himself loyal through her tough times, she grew fixated on him, the bond taking on an unhealthy tone. Oscar, seeing the obsessive edge to their relationship, decided a break up was best, hoping Victoria would prioritize her well-being and grow independently. On this particular day, Oscar found himself leisurely cleaning Serena's house, embodying the ideal boyfriend, providing a helping hand. As he finished tidying Serena's room, he meandered through the living room and accidentally tripped over a pair of silver low platform sandals. Catching his balance, recognition washed over him. The sandals were undeniably Victoria's. His heart pounded as he quickly shrugged them off. It was then that a bizarre sensation took hold of him. His feet seemed to be getting smaller, his toes miraculously painted with silver polish--Victoria's signature choice of nail polish. Panic surged through him as he touched his hair that was now dirty blonde and gazed into the mirror at his new baby blue eyes. His outfit transitioned into something Victoria would wear, his very being was morphing, right down to his memories and voice, an Australian accent now echoing in the room. Mid-sentence, his protestations warped into confusion. He, now she, only remembered herself as Victoria. "Wait please I don't ---- Oh what in the world am I on about now?" she said aloud, her voice unfamiliar. Assuming she had pulled off a mischievous stunt by sneaking into Serena's house, Victoria began to call for Oscar, oblivious to the fact that she was Oscar. Spotting her platform sandals, she slipped them on, stomping around the room in a mix of frustration and anxiety. Suddenly an unknown object in Serena's room caught her eye. It resembled an ornament of sorts. Guided by inexplicable force, Victoria stomped on the object with all her might, wincing as a shard of glass dug into her foot. "Ow bloody skank stealing my man making me hurt myself," Victoria rambled on, irate. She continued her search for Oscar, unaware of the ironic reality, that she was in fact, him.

Answered by gpt-4

July 18, 2023, 2:59 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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