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A woman of a certain age goes out to a club with her daughters for some fun.

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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I write about 7 year old Franklin with his 22 year old mom Angie who is ready for a night out at the club. Trusting Franklin to look after himself, Angie sets up a pizza to be delivered after she leaves that Franklin is supposed to grab. Please have Angie say the quote "Okay sweetie, the pizza will be arriving very soon. Just grab it after the man leaves okay?" Please have Franklin say the quote "Okay mommy. I'm gonna miss you" Angie's heart melted as she gave Franklin a big hug and left the house. Franklin was kinda bored as he just roamed around the house waiting for the pizza. He suddenly had the urge to go in his mom's room while she was away. While in her room, Franklin cringed at all the feminine clothes, jewelry and shoes his mom owned especially the wedges and sandals. Franklin did know about his mom's secret stash of chocolate and saw some on her top shelf. Climbing carefully up the shelves, Franklin grabbed some chocolate and attempted to open it losing balance and falling. Franklin somehow knocked his mom's purse out of the closet and over his shoulder and somehow slipped his feet into a pair of leather platform sandals. Grossed at the items, Franklin removed them immediately. Please have Franklin say the quote "Ew! Mommy's stuff is so girly" Suddenly, Franklin felt his feet tingling. Looking down, he saw his feet were growing until they looked just like his mom's down to her red nail polish. Freaking out, Franklin tried to stop the changes but the changes just accelerated as his legs and arms feminized. His torso changed into Angie's as he gained her tattoo she had from when he was born. His head and hair changed into Angie's light brown curly hair and his eyes turned brown and alluring and his teeth turned straight and white and his voice matured into his mom's pitch. His outfit turned into a black crop top and short shorts and a pair of hoop earrings. Slowly, his memories altered and matured until he only remembered being Angie. The new Angie looked around her bedroom as she got confused on why she was home. Please have Angie say the quote "Why am I still home? I should already be at the club with my girls getting drunk and hitting on cute men" Angie noticed one of her chocolate bars on the floor and couldn't remember how it got there picking it up and deciding to eat it. Angie then noticed her purse and her platform sandals on the floor and grabbed her platform sandals slipping them on her feet before picking up her purse and throwing it over her shoulder. Angie then strutted over to the makeup area in her room and applied some lipstick to her lips before touching up on her eyeliner. Grabbing her car keys from her purse, she opened her front door spotting the pizza on the ground. Smiling, she picked it up and put it in the kitchen for her son before leaving the house. As Angie strutted to her car with her purse on her shoulder, she fantasized about the wild night she was about to have having no memory of being a 7 year old named Franklin.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time in a quiet neighbourhood in Los Angeles, seven-year-old Franklin and his 22-year-old mom, Angie, lived a simple yet exciting life. On one sunny weekend, Angie decided she was ready for a night out at the club. As a single mother who spent most of her time working or tending to her son, she felt she deserved a night off to relax. With a motherly kiss planted on Franklin's forehead, Angie said, "Okay sweetie, the pizza will be arriving very soon. Just grab it after the man leaves okay?" Positioned in front of the television, Franklin's eyes strayed momentarily as he responded, "Okay mommy. I'm gonna miss you." Angie’s heart melted, and she gave him an extra bear hug before strutting out the door. After waving goodbye to his mom, Franklin was left wandering aimlessly around the house. His curiosity led him to Angie's room, a place he rarely ventured when his mom was home. The unfamiliar territory made him cringe with its stockpile of feminine clothes, dazzling jewelry, and an abundance of women's shoes, particularly the wedges and sandals. However, somewhere amidst the maze, Franklin tripped upon a hidden treasure. He mused, "Ew! Mommy's stuff is so girly!" Yet, the tantalizing sight of a secret stash of chocolate was irresistible. Overcome with temptation, he decided to reach for them, despite their dangerous position on the top shelf. In his excitement, Franklin lost balance and plunged towards the floor. His tumble knocked Angie’s purse from the closet. As if orchestrated by fate, his feet landed oddly in a pair of her leather wedge sandals. Startled and grossed out, he kicked them off as fast as he could. Suddenly, a strange colossal transformation ensued. Franklin's feet began to grow and metamorphose to imitate Angie's - down to the pinch of red nail polish. Panic-stricken, Franklin struggled to reverse the changes. He felt the seamless transition occurring from one limb to the next - his arms feminized, his torso moulded to match Angie's, while his head sprouted curly light-brown hair. The icing on the cake was an identical tattoo that beautifully adorned his waist, identical to the one Angie got upon his birth. Suddenly, Franklin's memory ebbed away, and he started to recall only Angie's history and her present. "Why am I still home?" The new Angie murmured, admiring her reflection, "I should already be at the club with my girls getting drunk and hitting on cute men." Angie found her favourite chocolate bar on the floor and relished its taste. She swooped up her purse from the floor and slipped the sandals back on her feet. Amplifying her allure with a touch-up of lipstick and eyeliner, the flamboyant Angie strutted out towards her car. She paused to pick up the pizza patiently waiting at the doorway and placed it inside the kitchen for her son. With a radiant smile, the transformed Angie bubbled with excitement for the luxurious night ahead. As she drove away from her house, not a single trace of the innocent seven-year-old kid named Franklin remained.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 19, 2023, 12:36 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, October 19, 2023

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