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This image accompanies an article about a wolf who became infected with a virus and how an antidote helped him return to normal. The wolf's eye is still infected, however, and he needs to wear an eyepatch to prevent others from getting infected.

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Question: Piggy characters sees me as a infected wolf with a knife and to see my backstory and how did I get infected my leg got scratched by an a potion my eyes go black and middle is blue an I throw up green blood the piggy characters sees it and they were trying to figure out how did this happen to help me and one stop me from attack them I passed out from the antidote and I'm back to normal as a wolf but one of my eye is still infected that an antidote stopped working on me and I have to wear a eyepatch on my eye I was at my house then someone's trying to make me infected again by a potion and I got infected after they get back my legs are gone

Asked by demondgnpjmi

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I have to use a wheel chair to move around The piggy characters were worried and they felt helpless to do anything. They started looking into ways to help me and stop me from attacking them. After some research, they found out that an antidote existed and it may be able to reverse the infection. They quickly got the antidote and administered it to me. After using the antidote, I was back in my normal wolf form. However, one of my eyes was still infected and the antidote didn't seem to be doing anything. They had to find another way to save my eye. Eventually, they found another remedy and after a few doses, I was finally cured of the infection. Now I had to wear an eyepatch to cover the eye that was still slightly infected. The piggy characters were relieved that I was okay and hoped that I would be able to move around again.

Answered by text-davinci-003

Feb. 8, 2023, 4:04 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, February 8, 2023