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Question: Write me a story about 16 year old Jo. Jo was at her boyfriend Ravi's house for the first time. Ravi's 52 year old mom Aneshka had a very strict "No gifts, no shoes, and no phones" policy unbeknownst to Jo who happened to bring a gift for her boyfriend for inviting her over. Aneshka spotting the money, and the phone, and the shoes on Jo rushed over yelling at her "My rules are my rules. Remove your shoes and I'll be taking your phone and the gift. Ravi! Don't disappoint me again!" Jo didn't understand her though cause she said all this in Hindi. She just assumed she was being told to remove her shoes. Feeling bad for her boyfriend, she really wanted to give him the gift but didn't wanna upset his mom. After Aneshka left to go shopping, Jo snuck into her room. Seeing all of her traditional Indian dresses, shoes and headscarves, she spotted her phone and her gift inside of Aneshka's closet. Stepping in, she grabbed her phone and the money accidentally stepping into a pair of Aneshka's flats. Trying to remove them, she felt her feet slowly shrinking and aging until they were Aneshka's. Screaming at the idea of being his boyfriend's own mom, he tried to resist the changes. Her height slowly decreased, her blonde hair and blue eyes became black hair and brown eyes. Her outfit changed into a long Indian dress with a traditional headscarf as she gained very big earrings. Her memories changed until Jo forgot she ever was Jo and only ever remembered being Aneshka. The new confused Aneshka wondered how she had got home so fast and why she was in her room. Spotting the money and the phone on the ground, she became frustrated. She scooped up the money and put in her purse along with the phone. "I do not accept bribes and no girl will buy my son's heart" the new Aneshka said in Hindi. Aneshka then spotted her reflection in the mirror and smiled at how good she looked for 52 adjusting her clothes and tightening her headscarf before leaving her room to go talk to her son about Jo wherever she had went.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, in a suburban neighborhood of Mumbai, India, lived a 16-year-old girl named Jo. She had been dating her boyfriend, Ravi, an Indian boy in her class, for a little while now. Today was significant because it was her first time visiting Ravi's house. Ravi lived with his 52-year-old mother, Aneshka, a woman who was a stickler for tradition and always held firm to three commitments in her household: No gifts, no shoes, and no phones. Jo, unaware of these principles, had excitedly brought a gift for Ravi as a token of appreciation for his invitation to his home. Upon Jo's arrival, Aneshka, spotting the gift in Jo's hand, her cellphone in the other, and her shoes on the carpet, was immediately incensed. She began to scold the young guest in Hindi, a language Jo did not understand. Jo merely assumed Aneshka was emphasizing the 'no shoes' element of her home. Once Aneshka went shopping, Jo, who carried a sense of guilt on her behalf, decided to sneak into the stern woman's room to retrieve her confiscated gift and phone. As she sauntered through Aneshka's room, her eyes landing upon traditional Indian dresses, numerous pairs of shoes, ornate headscarves - it was a sight that mesmerized her. Spotted her phone and gift in the closet, she stepped in to retrieve them. As she tried to move out, accidentally she stepped into one of Aneshka’s flats. A sudden strange feeling swept over her – her feet began to shrink and age, mirroring that of Aneshka's. Consumed by panic, Jo tried to rip off the shoes, but it was too late. As her height began to decrease, her blonde hair started changing to black, while her blue eyes turned brown. Soon, her clothes transformed into a traditional Indian dress with a headscarf. Along with this alarming physical transformation, her memories also started to blur. Eventually, Jo didn't even remember being Jo anymore. Her awareness was now filled only with Aneshka’s past, present, and future. Bewildered, the new Aneshka caught sight of the gift and the phone on the floor. Scooping them up in frustration, feeling a sense of déjà vu, she muttered, "I do not accept bribes and no girl will buy my son's heart." In that moment, finding her reflection in the mirror, the new Aneshka marveled at her rejuvenated appearance. She adjusted her attire and retightened her headscarf, preparing herself to have a daunting conversation with her son about the curiously absent Jo.

Answered by gpt-4

July 6, 2023, 12:09 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, July 6, 2023

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