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Question: Question: Story: Write me a story about 5 year old Jace spending the night at his friend Cam's house. Cam and Jace had never had a sleepover before and both of them were excited. Cam's 35 year old mom Sandra was not the best though. She often drank a lot of alcohol constantly passing out on the couch and in her bedroom. She was a single mom who had been since Cam was born. Cam often wished his mom was a little bit more like the other moms of his friends at school. Sandra's long curly brown hair and brown eyes looked friendly enough. She often wore very short dresses, lots of jewelry, short shorts and heels, platforms or wedges and sometimes flip flops. While playing downstairs, Cam felt himself getting hungry. His mom would sometimes make some type of dinner for him but tonight she hadn't come downstairs yet. Getting hungrier, Cam begged Jace to go upstairs and ask Cam's mom to come down and make dinner. Jace was never the most excited to do things like this but obliged his friend. As Jace approached the bedroom, he opened the door. He was immediately hit with the loud sound of Sandra snoring and the strong smell of alcohol in the room. Grossed out at the state of the messy room, Jace nervously got closer to Sandra in her bed until he gently shook her to try to wake her up. Feeling pointless, Jace decided to leave the room. As he walked, his tiny feet accidentally slipped into a pair of black platform sandals belonging to Sandra. Before he had a chance to remove them, his tiny feet immediately cracked and aged into a perfect fit for the sandals. Looking down at his new feet, he freaked as he recognized they looked like his friend's mom's feet now. He tried to remove the platform sandals but they wouldn't budge. Shortly, the changes accelerated. His hair grew long brown and curly. His eyes turned brown and alluring. His arms, legs and body feminized as he gained his friend's mom's breasts. His teeth turned crooked and yellow from the alcohol. His voice turned into Sandra's voice. His outfit turned into a pair of very short shorts and a black belly top. Suddenly, the real Sandra evaporated into mist and disappeared. This terrified Jace as he realized he was becoming the new Sandra. He only hoped that he would be a better mom than the real Sandra. Suddenly, his memories started altering. He started seeing visions of himself drinking, sleeping and puking. His heart started pounding from fear as he realized he was becoming the same horrible Sandra. Eventually, his memories were completely altered, changed and worsened until he only remembered being Sandra. The new Sandra squinted as she yawned and stretched. Looking down at her outfit, she rubbed her eyes and felt a throbbing headache come on as she rubbed her head with her hands. Sandra stumbled over the garbage in her room and tripped causing her to curse loudly. She then puked all over the floor in her room before eventually shrugging it off and ignoring the puke. Sandra said "Oh God! My head! Do I really have to leave my room? My son should really learn how to cook his own food" Sandra then grabbed an unopened beer and started drinking it. She then tossed the empty can on the ground in her room stomping on it with one of her platform sandals. After moaning and groaning at her reflection in her mirror, Sandra stumbled and struggled to stay balanced. She gripped the rail on the stairs tightly as she carefully made her way to the bottom. Sandra then threw a frozen pizza in the oven and started it for her son. Sandra then made it to her room before laying down on her bed. Looking down at the platform sandals, she decided she was gonna keep them on to sleep and eventually dozed off from her hangover. She had no memory of being an innocent 5 year old named Jace.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, in a quiet little suburb, there lived a bubbly five-year-old named Jace. He had been invited to spend the night at his best friend, Cam's house, and they were both giddy with excitement. They had a whole night of games, snacks, and cartoons planned. Meanwhile, Cam's mom, Sandra, was a striking woman with wavy brown hair and sparkling brown eyes, but she was known around town for her not-so-subtle indulgence in alcohol. She was a single mom and carried the weight of the world on her high-heeled shoulders. Late into the evening, as the chirps of crickets could be heard outside, a pang of hunger hit Cam and Jace. Usually, Sandra would be there, in her short skirt and heavy jewelry, to fix a haphazard dinner. But that night, time ticked by, and Sandra didn’t come downstairs. With their stomachs growling, the boys decided that they’d have to ask Sandra for dinner. Given Jace's reluctance, it took some begging from Cam to make him go upstairs to Sandra's room. Upon entering the room, Jace couldn't avoid the cacophonous snores and the overwhelming smell of alcohol. The sight of the messy room and a passed-out Sandra sent a wave of queasiness through him. He tried to wake Sandra up, but it seemed futile. While retreating, Jace stumbled onto a pair of black platform sandals, and as his eyes fell onto them, something magical, or rather strange, happened. Just as he slipped his feet in, he watched in horror as his once smooth and chubby feet transformed into rough, pedicured women's feet. He tried to pull the shoes off in a frenzy, but they seemed magnetically glued to his feet. Gradually, more changes followed. His short hair lengthened into beautiful curls like Sandra's, his eyes turned into her brown, and his body started taking a more feminine shape. A bright flash emerged, and then as if mirroring this transformation, the real Sandra evaporated into thin air. Struck with fear yet filled with a strange determination, Jace felt the urge to be a better mother than Sandra. He realized he'd been handed a cruel twist of fate, but maybe it could be an opportunity, not just a curse. However, that hope died soon when his memories started morphing, changing, and being replaced by Sandra's. He felt the urge to drink, to neglect, to sleep away his problems. Jace felt himself being consumed by Sandra's lifestyle and vices. Soon, all he could remember was being Sandra – a single mom, living in the thralls of solitude and alcohol. Every trace of Jace was replaced, except for one thing – his hope to be a better mom. Through the fog of hangover and memory distortion, New-Sandra stumbled down the stairs, struggling to keep her balance. With squeals of discomfort and annoyance, she navigated through the house and threw a frozen pizza into the oven. Her son would have food tonight, after all. After setting the timer, she stumbled back to her room to collapse on the bed. A surprise round of nausea had her throwing up, but she simply shrugged it off. Following the inertia of Sandra's routines, she cracked open a can of beer. As it drained, so did her energy, and soon she found herself drifting to sleep, platform sandals still clung onto her feet. That night, for the first time, Sandra went to bed with the resolve to be a better mother. But deep inside, little Jace was lost, his life and dreams traded for platform sandals and an adulthood he was not ready to navigate.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 13, 2023, 3:17 a.m.

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This article was generated in part by one of OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model, answering user manemansteve's question. Images were generated with OpenAI's AI model, DALL·E 2. The Internet takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.
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Published: Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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