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A story about a 27 year old Dina who gains female feet, a manicure, and a new personality after drinking from a fountain of youth. When she drinks from the fountain, her whole body changes as she ag


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Question: Story: Write me a story about 7 year old Jason getting invited to his first birthday party by his friend Katrina who he had a crush on. Counting up the money his mom had given him, his 25 year old sister Dina went into his room finding the money and taking it shoving into her bra hoping to go out with her girlfriends possibly clubbing. Jason went to look for his money only to find it missing. Assuming it was Dina, he waited till she left the house to sneak in her room and get his money back. As he looked around the room, he noticed how girly everything was and cringed at it all. Seeing all of Dina's clubbing dresses and heels also made him uncomfortable. Spotting his money in her closet, he climbed the shelves to grab his money. As he did, he lost grip of the shelves falling and landing into a pair of platform sandals his sister owned and his fall also caused her purse she accidentally left behind to fall on to his shoulder. Immediately removing the purse and stepping out of the shoes, Jason ran to his room in a panic grossed out at the idea of wearing his sister's skimpy feminine stuff. As he held the money in his tiny hand happy to have it back, his tiny feet started cracking and changing into Dina's feet even getting her perfect pedicure. He freaked at the sight of his feminine feet as he wiggled his new female toes in fear as the changes accelerated to the point of his whole body and arms turning into Dina's getting her manicure as well. His face and head changed into Dina's getting her short brown hair, her brown seductive eyes and her mature attractive pitch. His outfit turning into one of Dina's go-to clubbing outfits. Suddenly, his memories slowly changed and altered until he forgot about 7 year old Jason and only remembered being 25 year old Dina. The new Dina looked around her little brother's room confused as to what she was doing. She suddenly spotted the money on his bed and immediately grabbed it again throwing it in her bra. She then walked out of her little brother's room before going back to her own and posing in her mirror. She smiled at how beautiful she felt and good she looked. She grabbed the pair of platform sandals she now believed belonged to her and slipped them on and walked in them effortlessly. She walked up to the mirror and smiled at her reflection again grabbing a nail file and filing her fingers and toes a bit before putting on some lipstick. She then pulled out a pair of sunglasses to go with her outfit and put them on before walking over to her purse and throwing it over her shoulder. Dina then pulled her car keys as she stepped out to the front door of her home. Dina looked down at her feet in the platform sandals and breathed a sigh of relief as she strutted to the car. The new Dina said the quote "Such a comfy outfit. Maybe a lucky guy will find where I keep my money. Can't wait to out with my girls. My stupid younger brother is paying for it too" she said talking seductive. She then got in her car and drove off having no memory of being 7 year old Jason.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, there was a sweet 7-year-old boy named Jason. Jason was just a little thing, but he had a big heart that held an even bigger secret. He was smitten by his friend Katrina, who he often walked home from school with. One hot summer day, after a round of hopscotch and ice-creams, Katrina invited Jason to her upcoming birthday party. Jason was over the moon; this was his chance to show Katrina how he felt! At home, Jason decided to save the money he got from his mom to purchase a perfect birthday gift for Katrina. Jason's 25-year-old sister, Dina, knew about his crush but was more occupied with her nocturnal lifestyle, often ending up at local clubs with her girlfriends. One day, as Dina was browsing through Jason's room, randomly looking for loose change or an unattended bill for her clubbing night, she stumbled upon Jason's little hidden stash and pocketed it, sliding it into her bra, sure that her brother wouldn't search for it there. A little later, Jason walked into his room to count his saved money, only to find it missing. He didn't doubt Dina for a second; it was a familiar pattern. He opted for a stealthy approach and snuck into Dina's room while she was out. The room was a stark contrast to his own – coral painted walls adorned with sunglass-shaped mirrors, a closet full of party outfits she fashioned, and a heap of stilettos and platform sandals cluttered near the bed. Jason felt out of his comfort zone amid all the femininity but kept his focus on his mission. He spotted the money hidden amongst the dresses and climbed up the shelves to reach it. Swinging and stretching, Jason grabbed the money and in the process lost his balance, falling into a pile of his sister's sandals. Amid the chaotic fall, her purse, which she'd forgotten to take, landed on his shoulder. He quickly shrugged off the purse and kicked away the sandals and rushed back to his room skittish about the girly items he'd just worn. However, as he finally sat down, relief washing over him as he clutched his hard-earned savings, he noticed something strange. His feet crackled and transformed, taking on Dina's appearance, complete with her flawless pedicure. To his horror, the transformation continued, covering his whole body till he resembled his sister - short brown hair, brown eyes, a mature feminine figure, and even her favorite clubbing outfit. And then came the most shocking part of it all - his memories started to fade. Little by little, Jason's memories got replaced with those of Dina's until he started remembering being 25-year-old Dina and nothing else. With Jason’s memories and identity replaced, Dina stood up from her little brother's bed, scooping the money from it and putting it back in place, her bra. She marveled at her reflection in the mirror, admiring the stunning woman she built herself up to be, and strutted in the platform sandals that she thought were her own. She applied a fresh layer of lipstick, slipped her sunglasses on, and walked out to her car with her purse over the shoulder, the forgotten Jason's room behind her. Looking down at her feet strutting in the bedazzling platform sandals, she chuckled, "Such a comfy outfit. Maybe a lucky guy will find where I keep my money. Can't wait to out with my girls. My stupid younger brother is paying for it too," she said, her voice a sultry melody. As Dina drove away, there was no trace left of the 7-year-old Jason. He had seemingly disappeared, with Dina unaware that her little brother ever existed.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 28, 2023, 2:37 a.m.

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Published: Monday, August 28, 2023

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