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A Stealthy Stomach: Carmelita Fox's Tale of Fart-Evading on a Date with Sly Cooper

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Question: Write me a story where Carmelita Fox is on a date with Sly Cooper when she feels the urge to fart and does everything she can to hold it in until the date is over

Asked by beth4

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Title: Sly Giggles With Carmelita It was a fine evening in Paris, and the city of love inflamed with magical hues as the sun bid goodnight. Carmelita Fox, the respected Interpol inspector with a reputation as steadfast as iron, had a different challenge to face today - a date with Sly Cooper, the charming and cunning master thief. As absurd as it sounded, they had been dancing around this romantic tension for years, an invisible bond slowly built between the chase and laughter. They decided to meet up at Café de Montmartre, a charming little corner known for its ambiance. Sly arrived first in his usual discreet style. "Always prime for a quick getaway", Carmelita thought jokingly. He looked dapper, and his charm could not be dismissed. Carmelita felt a twist of excitement and nervousness in the pit of her stomach. A dinner with where they sat opposite each other as non-competitors was a change she hadn't prepared for. As they settled down in the dim-lit interior, an aura of low-pitched conversation around them, Carmelita felt something brewing within her. An unsettling feeling clenched her stomach. She panicked internally, realizing she felt an urge to, well - fart. A loud, embarrassing flatulence was the last thing she wanted on a date with the man she had chased and sparred with countless times over the years, and who she had, lately, found herself growing fond of. The couple chatted amiably, sharing tales of their 'days at work,' intentionally omitting the fact they were each on opposing sides. Suddenly, Carmelita's predicament worsened as their orders promptly arrived - baked beans in tomato sauce for her, Sly's recommendation. She stared at the plate, calculating her choices, the decision was crucial. Making up an excuse about not liking how they prepare it, she requested the waiter to replace her meal. Sly Cooper raised an eyebrow but didn't comment, being the gentlemen that he is. When dinner wrapped up, they took a leisurely stroll on the cobblestone streets of Paris guided by the city lights, architecture singing its timeless tales. Sly suggested they visit the iconic Eiffel Tower, but Carmelita diplomatically suggested a peaceful park instead. She couldn't risk the uncontrollable laughter she knew Sly could evoke at a moment's notice. Bidding Sly farewell, Carmelita whisked herself into her apartment, relief washing over her as she closed the door behind her. She couldn't help a chuckle to escape her lips at the ridiculousness of it all, at her predicament tonight—how she danced around the urge to fart. Her evening, despite the hiccup, was one she wouldn't forget. Clever repartee, shared laughter, moments of genuine connection, it was just as magical as their usual battles, but with an added layer of affection. Though it was different, she found she was enjoying this different side to their relationship. Maybe next time, Carmelita thought, she would avoid the beans and hope for a fight-free evening. With Sly Cooper, the potential love of her life, and certainly the most exciting part of her life, Carmelita was slowly unraveling a new chapter in her thrilling journey.

Answered by gpt-4

Jan. 13, 2024, 8:45 a.m.

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Published: Saturday, January 13, 2024

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