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In the recession, there are many changes in consumer behavior. Some people are more likely to shop online, while others are more likely to cut back on dining out. What innovative strategy can be used to change consumer behavior during a recession?

A Phenomenological Study of the Consumer behavior changes in Recession: What innovative strategy?


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Question: Write the at least 300 words for Data Collection Instruments section and another 300 words for the Data Collection Technique section for the following qualitative research topic: “ A Phenomenological Study of the Consumer behavior changes in Recession: what innovative strategy?”

Asked by nguessan

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Data Collection Instruments: This qualitative research study will make use of interviews, observations and open-ended questions as the primary data collection instruments. Interviews: Interviews are an important tool for gathering primary data in qualitative research as they allow for in-depth exploration of participants’ views and experiences. For an effective interview, semi-structured interviews will be employed, allowing for more open-ended conversations. These interviews will focus on the participants’ understanding and experiences of consumer behavior changes during the recession, as well as their views on what innovative strategy can be employed to effectively address recession. A set of predetermined questions will be used to guide the interview, but the participant will be encouraged to answer in their own words and elaborate on their answers as they see fit. Observations: Observation is another important tool for gathering qualitative data. During this research, ethnographic techniques will be employed in order to observe how consumers behave and how they interact with the environment during a recession. This helps us to capture the nuances of their behavior and interactions which may not be captured through other methods. Open-Ended Questions: Open-ended questions are another important qualitative data collection tool. These allow for more creative conversations and can help us gain a deeper understanding of the topic at hand. Open-ended questions will be used in the interviews to probe into the participants’ views and understanding of consumer behavior changes in recession, as well as their ideas for innovative strategies to address it. Data Collection Technique: Purposive sampling will be employed for selecting the participants for this research. This method will involve selecting participants who are especially suited for the study and have valuable insights to offer. This sampling technique can be used to select participants who have experienced the impact of recession, making the sample more representative of the population. Then semi-structured interviews will be conducted with the chosen participants. A pre-set list of questions will be used but open-ended questions will also be incorporated in order to encourage a more in-depth exploration of their ideas and experiences. Observations of the consumer behavior in recession will also be conducted in order to capture the nuances of their behavior which may not come out in interviews alone. This will involve visiting markets and other places where people are affected by recession. Interviews will also be conducted here in order to understand the challenges they face and how they cope with it. The data collected from these

Answered by text-davinci-003

Jan. 22, 2023, 8:45 a.m.

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Published: Sunday, January 22, 2023

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