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A Magical Transformation: May's Unexpected Journey to Becoming Her Mother


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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 6 year old May with her 30 year old mom Janet while Janet prepares for her wedding. Please have May be brown haired, brown eyed and have her hair neck length and curly and be wearing a pink glittery t-shirt, glittery pants and pink shoes opting for a casual look which her mom understood and respected. Please have Janet be black haired and brown eyed with her hair done up in an extravagant way for her wedding and be wearing long dangling earrings, makeup, lipstick, a veil over her face, a nice long flowing white wedding dress, white frilly wedding gloves and wedding heels with her fingernails and toenails painted white as well as the engagement ring on her finger and a bouquet of flowers in her grasp. Please have May say the quote "Wow! Mommy! You look so pretty" Please have Janet say the quote "Oh thank you honey. So happy to have my lovely daughter as my flower girl" Please have May go up to give her mom a quick hug. Please have May say the quote "I love you mommy. I can't wait___ to see you marry daddy" May found herself finishing the sentence in a much more womanly and mature tone. Please have May be confused at her sudden change of height as well as the white cloth blocking her view. Please have May remove the cloth from her face as she looked at her hands and realized she was wearing her mommy's wedding gloves which shouldn't have fit her so well. Please have May look down as she see's she now has her mom's boobs and realizes she's now wearing her mom's wedding dress. Please have May attempt to take one step in her new strange body stumbling and falling before landing on her knees ripping the wedding dress slightly as she looked at her reflection in the mirror seeing her mother's face staring back at her instead of her own. Please have May start tearing up as she hears a knock at the door. Please have the voice on the other side of the door say the quote "It's almost time Janet. Almost time for you to walk down the aisle" before walking away. Please have May say the quote "Mommy? I don't wanna be mommy! I don't wanna marry daddy. I wanna be May" as she tried standing up pulling up the wedding dress slightly this time before noticing the wedding heels she was wearing. Please have May try walking in the wedding heels with her dress pulled upward before stumbling and falling and ripping the dress a little more as the veil swung over May's face covering it up again. Please have May start tearing up even harder. Please have May say the quote "This is a bad dream! If I'm mommy, where did she go? I'm so scared and so confused" squeezing her eyes shut crying causing her makeup and lipstick to run as she hoped to be May again soon not knowing she was permanently stuck in the body of her mother Janet never to be her little girl self again.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, in a quaint town, 6-year-old May spent a whole morning playing with her dolls in the living room. She was a pretty little girl with brown curly hair that stopped just at her neck. Today, she was dressed in a shiny and pink glittery t-shirt paired with glittery pants and pink shoes. She loved her casual look, which her mom, Janet, always encouraged and respected. Janet, May's thirty-year-old mother and soon-to-be bride, was in the next room, preparing for her wedding. She was a radiant woman, with her black hair updone impeccably to accentuate her features for the wonderful day. Long dangling earrings dangled from her ears, encrusting her dazzling look even more. Her makeup was perfect; her lipstick colour complemented her brown eyes beautifully. A veil hung lightly over her face, and she wore a long white flowing wedding dress accentuating her figure. Her fingers, adorned with white-frilly wedding gloves, fluttered with anticipation as she adjusted the engagement ring on her finger. A bouquet of flowers finished her ensemble, making her look like the perfect bride. May walked into the room just then, and her wide brown eyes sparkled with awe. "Wow! Mommy! You look so pretty," she marveled at her mother's beauty. Her eyes welling up with affection, Janet lovingly replied, "Oh, thank you, honey. So happy to have my lovely daughter as my flower girl." May bounded forward to give her mother a quick hug, delight radiating from the little darling. Excitement sparked in her eyes as she told her mother, "I love you, mommy. I can't wait ____ to see you marry daddy." Her little voice concluded with an odd grownup resonance that left both of them bewildered. Suddenly, May felt a strange sensation, as she was taller and something white was blocking her sight. Startled, she pulled off the cloth, which she realized to be a veil, revealing wedding gloves perfectly fitting her small hands. She glanced down bewildered and noticed the front of a flowing wedding dress and a pair of womanly curves, way too mature and disproportionate for her tiny frame. Bewildered, she took a tentative step, but unfamiliarity with her new body made her stumble and fall to her knees, causing a small tear in the grand wedding dress. Baffled, she found a mirror and peeked at her reflection. In place of her6-year-old face was her mother's face staring back at her. She couldn't comprehend what was happening, but before she could contemplate, a knock on the door startled her. A voice on the other side said, "It's almost time, Janet. Almost time for you to walk down the aisle." Tearing up, May called out frantically, "Mommy? I don't wanna be mommy! I don't wanna marry daddy. I wanna be May." She attempted to stand again, this time holding up the dress, and noticed her mom's wedding heels on her feet, fitting perfectly as if they were made for her. She tried walking, but the unfamiliar high heels made her stumble again, causing another tear in the already damaged dress and the veil falling over her face. May began crying harder, feeling lost and afraid. "This is a bad dream! If I'm mommy, where did she go? I'm so scared and so confused." She squeezed her eyes shut, her tears mingling with her smudged makeup, praying fervently to wake up from this strange dream. But unknown to May, her reality had altered permanently which left her stuck forever in Janet's body.

Answered by gpt-4

Jan. 18, 2024, 3:18 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, January 18, 2024

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