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Unlike English, Spanish has many monothongs and diphthongs that can be pronounced in the same way. Here are some examples of Spanish words with Phonetic transcriptions:
Cremation = Cerremos
Impeachment = Impeñámonos
Sunny = Sudaba
Knocked = Caído
Predatory = Predadora
Wisdom = Sabiduría
XLR = X-Ray
Linguistics = Lenguaje
Interior = Interior

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Question: Phonetically transcribe the following words ( using common pronunciation): NB: common pronunciation in this case implies a situation where vowels a, e, I, o and u are the only monothongs being used in speech, but where diphthongs are used as they are): (a) cremation (b) impeachment (c) sunny (d) knocked (e) predatory (f) wisdom (g) asymmetrical (h) x-ray (I) linguistics (j) interior

Asked by Chipozi

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(a) cremation - kruh-MAY-shuhn (b) impeachment - im-PEECH-muhnt (c) sunny - SUH-nee (d) knocked - nakt (e) predatory - PREH-duh-tohr-ee (f) wisdom - WIZ-dum (g) asymmetrical - ay-suh-MEH-tri-kuhl (h) x-ray - eks-RAY (i) linguistics - lin-GWIS-tiks (j) interior - in-TEER-ee-ur

Answered by gpt-4

June 23, 2023, 6:11 a.m.

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Published: Friday, June 23, 2023

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