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A 7-year-old boy named Collin went to his aunt's house for her birthday. Collin saw the cake, the wine, and the presents, but he didn't want any of them. He wanted to hide in the closet, but his aun

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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 7 year old Collin at his cousin's house celebrating his aunt's birthday. His aunt Carol was turning 46 years old. Walking in the kitchen, Collin saw the untouched cake that was on the counter. It was a white cake which Collin didn't like and he also saw a crown and a whole bunch of unopened presents. He also saw what was a bottle of wine that was also another gift. Collin's aunt Carol was outside entertaining guests as well as drinking a whole bunch while Collin was dodging people inside. Collin managed to go upstairs sneaking into his aunt's room while nobody was looking. He then decided he was going to hide in the closet until the party was over and then sneak out of his aunt's room. Closing the closet door behind him, he found a comfy spot and sat down. Looking around, he was surrounded by dresses, tank tops, short shorts, jeans, heels, flip flops, jewelry and other feminine accessories that he was trying not to look at. Collin was getting kinda restless and decided waiting in the closet wasn't as fun as he thought it would be. Please have Collin accidentally slip into a pair of black wedges belonging to Carol. Collin waddled out of his aunt's room and scooted downstairs on his butt and waddled to the kitchen which was now empty along with the rest of the house as everybody was now in the backyard. Looking out there, he could see his aunt along with everybody else unaware that he wasn't present. Kicking off the wedges, Collin was about to join the party outside when his feet started tingling. Looking down, he saw his feet were growing and aging into his aunt's complete with her pink nail polish. Please have Collin say the quote "Ew pink. Gross. I don't wanna become an icky girl" Please have Collin's clothes evaporate off his body as the changes accelerate. His arms and legs lengthened and feminized turning into his aunt's as his fingers gained the same pink polish. His torso turning into his aunt's as he gained her boobs. His head turning into his aunt's as he gained her straight white teeth, her brown eyes, her dirty blonde shoulder length hair, his voice matured into her pitch. His outfit turned into a short black dress with his new legs exposed. A pair long dangling earrings forming in his ears. A bracelet forming on his left wrist. Collin looked in the backyard one more time. Please have Collin's aunt start evaporating and disappear completely. Collin then realized he was becoming his aunt's replacement. He didn't wanna be old and he didn't want this to be his party. Please have a small part of him hope he can change back and have his memories only for the hope to be crushed as his memories started changing into his aunt's completely until he only remembered being Carol. The new Carol blinked in confusion as she looked around her kitchen. She spotted her black wedges on the floor. Please have Carol slip the wedges onto her feet. Carol then looked at her white cake and saw it said "Happy 46th birthday Carol". Please have Carol say the quote "Really wish they would've just put Happy Birthday Carol on there instead. No need to remind me I'm getting older. But at least they got my favorite white cake" she said before chuckling. Carol then looked at her unopened gifts and her wine. Please have Carol grab her wine and smile. Please have Carol say the quote "I love being the birthday girl. I can never get tired of drinking wine. A lady like me could never have too many glasses" Carol then spotted her crown on the counter. Please have Carol grab the crown and put it on her head before heading out back to join her guests. Please have Carol say the quote "Alright everybody! I think I'm ready for this party to really get started!" Carol ate cake and drank wine and enjoyed her party having no memory of being 7 year old Collin and that was because Collin no longer existed at all.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, on the wonderful occasion of Aunt Carol's 46th birthday, a young lad named Collin, of only 7 years, found himself in a situation most peculiar. It all started upon entering the kitchen and laying his gaze upon the untouched purity of a white cake perched on the counter. Collin quite disliked white cake, a preference further diminished by the sight of an uncorked bottle of wine and hitherto unopened presents. With Aunt Carol outside entertaining and guzzling down libations, Collin cleverly slipped past the pandemonium inside the house. He made his way upstairs, sneaking unnoticed into Aunt Carol's inner sanctum and decided to take refuge in her closet, adequately spacious and strewn with Aunt Carol's feminine ensembles. Hours passed and Collin, now bored of his hiding spot, began to stir. In his restlessness, he strayed over a peculiar pair of Aunt Carol's black wedges, into which he amusingly slipped in and out of his hiding spot in a tottering waddle. After mustering the courage to vacate his closet sanctuary, he proceeded downstairs in a rather unconventional manner, scooting down the stairs on his hind. Upon reaching the kitchen, the heart of the abandoned home, he didn't see a soul in sight. The bustling crowd had moved to the backyard, his Aunt Carol being the life of the party. As he was about to join them, he noticed a strange sensation, his feet began to tingle, and lo and behold, they had transformed into replicas of Aunt Carol's pedicured toes, adorned with pink polish, a sight which forced out of him a repulsed comment, "Ew pink. Gross. I don't wanna become an icky girl". In the twinkle of an eye, the transformation engulfed him. His clothes disappeared, replaced by Aunt Carol's dramatic wardrobe. His limbs grew and morphed to match that of her elegance. His budding adolescence vanished as Aunt Carol's unmistakable mature features imprinted onto his being, down to Carolina's signature shoulder-length, blonde hair, and pitch-perfect voice. Standing in what felt like the calm before the storm, Collin was prompt to observe Aunt Carol beginning to fade away outside. The realization daunted him, he was very much turning into Aunt Carol's replica. A fleeting hope of reverting back to his youthful, innocent self-modulated within him only to be crushed by the unprecedented replacement of his treasured memories with Aunt Carol's. Now fully embodying Aunt Carol, Collin or rather Carol blinked numbly in her sprawling kitchen. Spying her wedges left carelessly on the floor, she slipped them on her feet with finesse. The white cake on the counter caught her eye, the consonants carving out "Happy 46th birthday Carol". This prompted a bit of sarcasm and realization, "Really wish they would've just put Happy Birthday Carol on there instead. No need to remind me I'm getting older. But at least they got my favorite white cake," she said with a chuckle. She pinched the wine and unopened presents in her arms and let out the infectious laughter of a woman free of worry. Holding her wine bottle, the newly christened Carol remarked, "I love being the birthday girl. I can never get tired of drinking wine. A lady like me could never have too many glasses". She placed the bejeweled crown that lay there upon her head and headed out back in a brimming excitement, "Alright everybody! I think I'm ready for this party to really get started!" she declared, kickstarting the real celebration. Carol indulged herself to the cake, wine, and her extraordinary company. The memory of being young Collin seemed like a distant dream that didn't hit her consciousness for she was simply living her 46th birthday that evidently was just getting started. Little did she know, the 7-year-old Collin had now faded into oblivion.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 29, 2023, 12:25 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, October 29, 2023

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