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Question: Below are the list of group of people or tourist. Within Cebu.or Cebu province, Mandaue and Lapu lapu City, search for a suggestion or recommendation for a best accommodation according to their profile and needs. Give the name of the accommodation type and explain why you think it is fit for their needs. 1. Couple for Honeymoon 2. Family with 2kids for vacation 3. Single traveler looking for a nature stay 4. Barkada Travelers looking for adventure 5. Family with 2kids and 2 seniors for vacation 6. Foreigners who visit for business,attend conferences at IEC 7. Retired Senior Couple 8. Students who will attend for conferences at IEC 9. Tourist who would like to witness Sinulog 10. Atlete who will participate in IRON MAN

Asked by aehilmorsy

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1. Couple for Honeymoon: Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa. This luxurious 5-star resort offers the perfect romantic ambiance for honeymooners, with its private beach, elegant rooms, top-notch dining facilities, and relaxing spa treatments. 2. Family with 2 kids for vacation: Plantation Bay Resort & Spa. This family-friendly resort offers a range of activities for kids, including swimming pools, a water playground, and a kids' club, ensuring the whole family will have a memorable vacation. 3. Single traveler looking for a nature stay: Hale Manna Coastal Gardens. Located in Moalboal, this eco-resort offers an immersive nature escape with lush gardens, sea views, and various outdoor activities like snorkeling and hiking. 4. Barkada Travelers looking for adventure: Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort. With a variety of activities like island hopping, jet-skiing, and scuba diving, this resort is sure to satisfy a group of adventure-seekers. 5. Family with 2 kids and 2 seniors for vacation: Crimson Mactan Resort & Spa. This resort caters to families of all ages, with friendly staff, accessible rooms, and a range of leisure activities suitable for both kids and seniors. 6. Foreigners who visit for business, attend conferences at IEC: Radisson Blu Cebu. Located near the IEC (Cebu International Convention Center), this modern hotel provides a comfortable stay with convenient access to the conference venue and first-class business facilities. 7. Retired Senior Couple: Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel. This cozy beachfront hotel provides a peaceful and relaxing environment with comfortable accommodations and various amenities tailored for seniors' needs. 8. Students who will attend conferences at IEC: Bayfront Hotel Cebu. Being budget-friendly yet comfortable, this hotel is a good option for students attending conferences. It is also conveniently located close to the IEC. 9. Tourist who would like to witness Sinulog: Mad Monkey Hostel Cebu City. Centrally located in Cebu City, this vibrant, budget-friendly hostel offers a lively atmosphere and serves as a great base for those wanting to experience the annual Sinulog Festival. 10. Athlete who will participate in IRONMAN: BE Resorts Mactan. This mid-range resort is close to the starting point of the triathlon, providing convenient access to athletes while offering comfortable accommodations and on-site dining facilities.

Answered by gpt-4

June 26, 2023, 5:31 p.m.

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Published: Monday, June 26, 2023

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