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Illustration of three cell phones representing the disadvantages of technology, accompanied by brief descriptions of how each issue can be mitigated

Ask AI: 3 Disadvantages of technology • 2.1 3 Disadvantages (6marks) • 2.2 How each of the 3 disadvantages can be addressed (9marks)


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Question: 3 Disadvantages of technology • 2.1 3 Disadvantages (6marks) • 2.2 How each of the 3 disadvantages can be addressed (9marks)

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2.1 3 Disadvantages of Technology 1. Privacy and Security: The internet is a vast network, and with the influx and resulting dependence on technology, online privacy and security is a significant concern. Cybercrime incidents, data breaches, identity theft are fast becoming commonplace. 2. Dependency and Laziness: Modern technology has led to increased convenience in our daily tasks which ultimately results in laziness and dependency. This may lead to poorer health as physical activities are significantly reduced due to the comfortable using technology. 3. Reduced Personal Interaction: With the advent of social media, emails, and texting, face-to-face interaction is dwindling. This affects the development and sustaining of personal relationships and communication skills. 2.2 Addressing Each Disadvantages 1. Privacy and Security: This can be addressed by implementing strict security protocols, using secure networks, regularly updating systems and software and conducting routine security education and awareness. In addition, governments and organizations must develop robust data handling and privacy norms to protect users. 2. Dependency and Laziness: It is important to enforce a balance between the use of technology and manual work. Regular exercise, hobbies involving physical activities can help combat the laziness that comes with dependency on technology. Companies can also design their technologies to encourage more physical activity. 3. Reduced Personal Interaction: Encouraging regular face-to-face interactions and making time to socialize offline can help mitigate this disadvantage. Schools and workplaces can also limit the use of digital devices and promote in-person conversation and collaboration. Additionally, technology can be utilized positively to maintain and enhance relationships when physical interaction isn't possible.

Answered by gpt-4

April 16, 2024, 1:37 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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