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Westren Roman Empire citizens would likely be outraged and terrified if they knew about the app that would allow them to explore and simulate the events that took place in Ravena.

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Question: speculate the reaction of Westren Roman Empire citizens through 20 tweets if the app was created in that era of the following scenario: the Westren Roman Empire massacres 200000 Romans in Ravena.

Asked by abdulrhman8

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1. How could the Westren Roman Empire do this to its own people? We must fight back! #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 2. No one is safe in the Westren Roman Empire. We have to stop this injustice now! #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 3. We must remember the 200000 innocent people that have been taken from us. #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 4. How can we let the Westren Roman Empire get away with this atrocity? #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 5. This is not what Rome stands for. Where is our justice? #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 6. Our people deserve better. We must demand the truth from the Westren Roman Empire! #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 7. This is not a time for silence. We must take a stand and fight for justice! #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 8. Our hearts are broken by what happened in Ravena. We demand justice! #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 9. How can we let this happen? We must fight for the rights of our people! #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 10. Our nation needs to be held accountable. We will not stand for the Westren Roman Empire's brutality! #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 11. We cannot allow the Westren Roman Empire to silence us. We must speak out! #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 12. No one can deny the tragedy that happened in Ravena. We will not be silenced! #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 13. This is not how Rome should be run. We must fight for our rights! #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 14. Our people are dying and no one is speaking out. We deserve justice! #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 15. We will not be forgotten. The Westren Roman Empire must be held accountable! #RavenaMassacre #RomeMustRise 16. This massacre

Answered by text-davinci-003

March 8, 2023, 10:30 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, March 8, 2023

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