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Question: Write me a story about 14 year old Nathan. Nathan was at his friend Thomas' house watching it while he and his parents were out for a few days. He was told by Thomas they had ordered him some pizza that should be arriving shortly. It was apparently 4 large pizzas. All of them were all-meat. He also had a couple 2 liters of soda being delivered and some bread sticks. While waiting, he decided to get started on all the laundry that had piled up in Thomas' house. It was Thomas', his 47 year old dad Patrick's and his 45 year old mom Sheila's. As he was folding up the remaining portion of Sheila's, he went to hang up her dresses. Upon doing so, he accidentally slipped into a pair of her high heeled platform sandals. Slipping them off, he went to leave nervously but suddenly his feet started aging and changing into Sheila's. Grossed out at the thought of being his friend's own mom, he tried to get his feet to go back to normal but soon his legs and body changed as well as his arms. Soon his face changed until it matched Sheila's as his hair turned into her short style and his eyes changed to her hazel color. His outfit turning into a dress she would wear. His thoughts slowly morphing as he thought of Thomas as his handsome son and Patrick as his attractive husband. "But Thomas and Patrick are just---- my two favorite men in the whole world. Thomas is the best son a mom like me can want and Patrick is so handsome even 25 years later. So glad I married him" the new Sheila finished. Wondering why she was home, the new Sheila panicked at where her husband and son had gone. Spotting her platform sandals, she slipped them on before speedwalking with the thump of her platforms behind her out of the house when another realization dawned on her. Sheila immediately yelled "Nathan? You okay honey? Thomas sweetie?" she immediately thought about her husband and what he would do in a situation where children were absent and just wondered how she had even got home by herself.

Asked by manemansteve

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Nathan, now completely fogged with Sheila's thoughts, found himself acting all around the house as her without a second thought. Unaware that he was once Nathan, he completed the leftover laundry, cleaned the dishes, and got into her kitchen instincts tossing and tossing until something smelled good. However, there was this aching feel at the back of her mind about two missing people. Her husband Patrick and her loving son Thomas, they were not in the house. She approached the phone and started dialing Patrick's number—they should've been home by now. "Patrick?" she said, her dainty fingers clutching the phone, "When are you and Thomas getting back? The house feels so empty without you two. The pizza's here and it's extra-large all-meat your favorite." In response, Patrick's voice sounded strange, distant yet comforting at the same time. He told her they were on their way and everything's fine; he sounds just as perplexed as she is, had she not told him about Nathan? Nathan? Hearing Nathan's name was like a dull echo, something that's been there but was missed in the rush. It filled her thoughts, muddled them up confusingly. "Nathan? She said to Patrick, “I don’t remember a Nathan. Perhaps, my mind is playing tricks on me. Anyways, it's getting late. Make sure Thomas is ready for school tomorrow, okay?” Little did she realize, she had just bypassed the odd circumstances of her sudden arrival back home and Nathan’s disappearance. As she hung up, she went to freshen up, wondering at the strange layers of makeup and a streak of lipstick that wasn't the color she usually wore. Putting down the brush, she noticed the platform sandals by the corner. She could have sworn she hadn't worn them since last summer. For the rest of the evening, she shuffled through her nightly routine as if through fog, wondering about Nathan. But just like everything else that day, the thought of Nathan became distant, and eventually faded to nothing more than a strange, unplaceable fog in the back of her mind. As she laid down to sleep, feeling the comfort of her familiar bed underneath, she was convinced everything will be back to normal in the morning. After all, her earring seemed to have found its way to her ears all by itself.

Answered by gpt-4

July 16, 2023, 1:39 a.m.

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Published: Sunday, July 16, 2023

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