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1. Title: Enhancing Movement Skills through Fun Activities 2. Title: Building a Strong Foundation: The Role of Motor Skills in Grade R Learning Readiness 3. Title: Connecting the Dots: Integrating L


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Question: 1.Draw activities for the following movement skills spatial awareness, body awareness, midline crossing, laterality and directionality. 2.explain how motor skills contribute to learning readiness for Grade R learners. 3. demonstrate with two examples how you would intergrade aspect of language and mathematics in a movement lesson. Note that this question requires one example for language integration and one example for mathematics integration.

Asked by Geighlady

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1. - Spatial Awareness: Design a treasure hunt activity where children would have to navigate around a set space to find hidden items. This would require understanding of their environment, and give a clear sense of space and distance. - Body Awareness: Organize a game of 'Simon Says' where children are required to touch or move different body parts as described. This will help them identify specific body parts and understand how they move and function. - Midline Crossing: A dance routine where hands or legs cross the midline of the body can be helpful. This refers to being able to reach across the middle of the body with the arms and legs crossing over to the opposite side. - Laterality: An obstacle course with instructions to use specific sides (e.g. 'Step over the rope with your right foot' or 'Touch the cone with your left hand') can help children learn to distinguish between their left and right. - Directionality: Arrange a relay race that requires children to run in different directions (forward, backward, to the left or right), developing their understanding of directionality. 2. Motor skills directly contribute to learning readiness for Grade R learners by developing their fine and gross motor skills. - Fine Motor Skills: These help young learners to execute small movements like gripping a pencil, which is directly related to writing and drawing in the classroom environment. - Gross Motor Skills: These are necessary for tasks like throwing or catching balls, which can impact a child’s ability to participate in games and sports at school. Both type of motor skills also affect a child’s level of self-confidence and their ability to collaborate with others. 3. - Language Integration: During a physical game such as 'Red Light, Green Light', introduce new words along with their meanings and ask students to perform actions related to those words. For instance, use the word 'Hop' and when you say it, students have to hop till the command is changed. - Mathematics Integration: Incorporate counting within a relay race. For each lap a student completes, they mark one count. They add up their counts at the end, which offers an opportunity for practicing counting and basic addition.

Answered by gpt-4

April 29, 2024, 4:43 a.m.

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Published: Monday, April 29, 2024

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