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1. Finfish: Fish with fins and backbones.
"A variety of finfish can be found in oceans, rivers, and lakes around the world."

2. Lean fish: Fish with low fat content.
"Salmon is considered a lean fish due to its lower fat levels compared to other fish."

3. Fat fish: Fish with higher fat content.
"Mackerel is a fat fish, known for its rich omega-3 fatty acids."

4. Drawn fish: Fish that has been gutted and cleaned.
"The chef prepared the drawn fish for cooking by removing its internal organs."

1. Finfish: Fish with fins and scales, primarily found in the ocean. Sentence: The fish market had a variety of finfish on display, from salmon to tuna. 2. Lean fish: Low-fat fish without much oil in


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Question: Finfish Lean fish Fat fish Drawn fish Dressed fish Fish steak Fish Fillet give me a short short short description of each of these words and give me a short sentence for each of them

Asked by Coolguy420

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1. Finfish: Finfish refers generally to fish species with fins. Example Sentence: Salmon, a type of finfish, is highly nutritious. 2. Lean Fish: Lean fish are species of fish that have less fat content like cod or haddock. Example Sentence: If you're following a low-fat diet, lean fish can be a good choice for you. 3. Fat Fish: These are fish variants with high fat content, such as salmon, mackerel, or sardines. Example Sentence: Fat fish such as salmon are rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids. 4. Drawn Fish: A drawn fish is a type of preparation where the fish is gutted and cleaned, but the scales, fins, and head remain. Example Sentence: My dad prefers to grill drawn fish for summer barbecues. 5. Dressed Fish: Dressed fish refer to fish that have been scaled, gutted, and have had their gills, fins, and often the head removed. Example Sentence: Dressed fish saves significant prep time in the kitchen. 6. Fish Steak: A fish steak is a cut of fish which is cut perpendicular to the spine and can include bones. Example Sentence: I enjoy the full flavor of a nicely grilled tuna fish steak. 7. Fish Fillet: Fillets refer to boneless pieces of fish cut away from the bones. Example Sentence: For dinner, I plan to bread and fry some fish fillets.

Answered by gpt-4

April 17, 2024, 10:11 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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