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1. Discovering the Meaning: Unraveling the World of Teaching and Language Usage 2. Enhancing Communication Through Listening: A Teacher's Crucial Role in Developing Effective Skills 3. Nurturing You


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Question: Question 1 (5 marks) 1. Define the following terms with EXAMPLES using your own words. 1.1 Formal language (5) 1.2 Teaching Didactics (5) Question 2 (10 marks) 2.1 One of the most important skills that a teacher needs to develop in learners is the ability to listen well. Do you agree that listening skills assist in effective communication? Discuss with examples any two aspects of listening. (10) Section B (40 marks) Question 3 3.1 Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow. Mrs Chantel, a grade 1 teacher at Mkhomi Primary School, wanted to develop listening skills in her learners while they are still young. She wants her learners to engage in listening during lesson presentations. Mrs Chantel always says that when learners hear, they pay attention to sound. Advise Mrs Chantel, who is a new teacher, on how she can apply the following aspects of sound to enhance the listening skills of her grade 1 learners. 3.1.1 Change in volume (6) 3.1.2 Emphasis by stressing words (6) 3.1.3 A regular vocal rhythm (6) 3.1.4 Repetition (6) 3.2 Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow. You are a new teacher in a deep rural school. There is no electricity and learners in grade 3 hardly speak English. The parents instructed you to teach English using their mother tongue citing that if you keep on speaking in English learners will not hear you and they will fail. You immediately realise that in Module ENC1501, you learned about Multimodal communication. 3.2.1 What is multimodal communication? (1) 3.2.2. As a foundation phase teacher, how will you apply multimodal communication in your class to assist your learners? (15)

Asked by kgothatsow

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Answer 1: 1.1 Formal language is a kind of language that is precise, clear, and without the usage of colloquial terms or slang. It's primarily used in professional or academic environments. For example, instead of saying "Hey, what's up?" (informal), in a formal context, one might say "Good morning. How are you today?" 1.2 Teaching Didactics is the scientific approach to instructing and teaching. It entails conscious planning, execution, and assessment of the teaching and learning process. For instance, a teacher using didactics might design a lesson plan that involves interactive learning, like group work, to encourage engagement and comprehension among students. Answer 2: Yes, I agree that listening skills are essential for effective communication. 1. Comprehension: good listening skills ensure that students understand the information being presented by the teacher like important points in a lecture, or instructions for a test. 2. Empathy and understanding: Good listening promotes an empathetic learning environment where students feel seen and heard. When a teacher answers a student's concern efficiently, it's because they were actively listening. Answer 3: 3.1 Mrs Chantel can improve listening skills of her learners by: 3.1.1 Changing the volume: She can fluctuate her voice volume while teaching. For instance, lowering her voice may provoke students to focus and pay closer attention. 3.1.2 Emphasising by stressing words: She can stress on essential points while teaching, aiding learners to understand the importance of those points. 3.1.3 Using a regular vocal rhythm: Maintaining a consistent rhythm or pace during her lessons can help learners follow the lesson without feeling overwhelmed. 3.1.4 Repetition: Repeating crucial points of a lesson can help the information stick in the students' heads. 3.2 3.2.1 Multimodal Communication is a form of communication that involves combining multiple modes of communication, like text, audio, visual aids, etc. 3.2.2 As a foundation phase teacher, multimodal communication can be used to teach English to learners. For instance, translating English text into their native language, using visual aids like pictures and videos to explain the concepts. This method encourages learning because it breaks language barriers and keeps students engaged. Activities like storytelling, role plays etc can also be incorporated to make the learning environment more interactive.

Answered by gpt-4

March 6, 2024, 8:51 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, March 6, 2024

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